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Wheely big difference

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. .... sorry for the pun... but I got an FFB steering wheel this weekend (had been using an analogue twin stick up until now) and boy does it change the feel of the track I've been putting together in BTB.

    The FFB wheel behaves so differently that I've started amending the layout, tweaking the corners for flow and sequence, as the car behviour is so different, seems more realistic.

    Using the sticks as you can do full opposite lock with an instant flick rather than having to allow the wheel to travel full lock to lock, which obviously is impossible.

    The bumpiness setting of the track (as discussed elsewhere) will need some serious playing with....
  2. Agreed.
    I used a joypad for a while coz I got sick of re attaching my steering wheel all the time.
    It was a pretty ordinary experience.
    Difficult to even drive in a straight line.

    The wheel is a must have :)
  3. I’ve owned a Momo race wheel for approx 5 years now, since I’ve become hooked on BTB, I spend most of my time therapeutically building and re-building my “never to be completed” original track than I do racing anymore...curse you BTB :)
  4. ...I'm also in danger of the old "never to be completed" syndrome.... NTBCS for short....
  5. I think ill attach NTBCS after my name, it'll be like the Masons secret handshake for BTB users.
  6. LOL.... tweak .... test.... tweak.... test..... tweak....//// ...never release

    I WILL release one day I WILL I WILL I WILL.
  7. i could never understand why ppl use joysticks for driving, i have a xbox that pretty easy with the joy pad,tryed it on the pc and i was all over the place.unless it was a motorbike simulation i use a mouse(more steady) and a hand free for the smokes.:)

    i have a g25 now. nice piece of kit,
  8. I've just put the kids and mrs up for sale on ebay, now I'm in the market for a G25
  9. keep the family, sell the house, live in the box the G25 comes in.
  10. :clap: