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Wheel settings not saving

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by David Pepperill, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I have a TM 430 wheel and when i exit the game and then go back in the control option has changed to keyboard and lost all my wheel settings. Its getting really annoying having to load my settings everytime I boot the game up. Anyone else had this problem or any idea's why mine is doing it. Worked fine in F1 2010.
  2. I have read somewhere that when you are at the first screen where you are prompted to press enter or start, if you press enter on the keyboard instead of start on the wheel it reverts all your wheel settings.
  3. Yes, that is correct. You have to start the game with your controller in order for the settings to stick.
  4. Its not so much getting them to stick; F1 2011 uses your first device input to decide which control profile to use, if you use a custom mapping on a wheel but skip through the start using the keyboard, it will revert to using the keyboard for input. However, if you check the custom setting you will note that it was in fact saved and has not reverted to default, the game simply did not set it as default for that session.
  5. OK guys thanks for the help I will try it out.
  6. So they(codemasters) say this game is not a console port?? I think this confirms it is, doesn't it?