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Wheel calibration

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by nathan631998, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. I use a logitech G27 wheel, i have gone through all of the calibration wizard setup etc.However, when i drive the wheel only turns to 90 degrees, do you guys have any suggestions as to what i can do about this issue?
  2. What do you have your degree of rotation set to in the Logitech control panel? Your wheel is capable of 900 degrees.

    Don't forget to set the degree of rotation in game also to 900 degrees.
  3. Yeah i have its set but as soon as i start driving it just switches. It's all calibrated in the settings.
  4. Is the wheel working properly in other games? If so, then you would have to assume its a controller setting in AC only that's causing it. If its not working properly in other games, you would have to assume its a setting in the Logitech Profiler that's set wrong.

    Are you using the G27 profile in the AC control settings? Or did you create a custom profile?
  5. Yeah I used the Logitech Profile to see if it made a difference. The profiler works for other games for instance LFS I can change the amount of turn to what car I am driving. But I have set it to 900 on the profiler and set it to 900 on the game but it just don't want to work.
  6. Just an idea but, it might be possible that your global profile is essentially corrupted. As I understand it, this is how the Logitech Wingman software works.

    It is strongly advised that the Global profile in the Logitech software be protected / kept separate from game profiles. Failure to do so may result in odd wheel behavior with various games. The way this is done is by not allowing games to alter the Global Profile (Check-box in Global Wheel Settings) - only the specific game custom profile should be allowed to be changed by game settings (Check-box in Custom Game Profile). Once the profiler INI file has been altered Globally, it will have to be replaced with the original or complete removal and reinstall of the Logitech software should be done.

    Refer to this thread for more details: post by Maurie King
  7. I realised this morning that it was something to do with the global device settings on the logitech profiler. IT was set to 200 when it should be 900 degrees.
  8. Glad you got it sorted out. I knew there was a difference in setting the global profile compared to setting a profile for each game, but I haven't had my G27 in about 5 months so I didn't want to spread any misinformation and figured someone else would come along with more knowledge and help. The Logitech Profiler can be confusing until you really understand how it all works.
  9. Yeah it can be thanks.:)