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Wheel Buying help wanted - G25 or G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jimi Hughes, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    Hi all,
    I was considering buying a new wheel for my PC sim racing. I am currently using the Xbox 360 wireless wheel which I have connected to my PC and works fine (apart from force feedback). But the time has come where I would like to upgrade, getting something with a gear stick, clutch pedel and also more steering lock. I figure the best wheel on the market on the moment is robably the G27, but what does this actually have that the G25 doesn't. They look very similar, and both seem to have all the extras I wanted, but the G25 is rouchly £100 and the G27 is £320!!!

    What are you actually paying the extra £200 for? And help on this would be great

    Thanks guys,

  2. At this point I would go for the G25 if I were you.
    I have both wheels and the only big advantage is that the force feedback is better with the G27, but it is definately not worth the extra money!
  3. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    thats great, thanks alto Peter. Force feedback doesn't really bother me as IMO you it doesn't really aid the Sim experiance with current FFB systems, they arn't realistic enough!

    Thanks for the reply
  4. Why not this one to compare.

    http://fanatec.de/html/index.php?id=230&lang=<?= en ?>

    But when you want to choose between the G25 and G27, there are some slighty differences.

    G27 has some other force feedback then the G25.
    G27 is making less noise, still depending of settings.

    So when you wanna try 1st i would go for the G25.

    I have used them both, and now im using still the G27.
  5. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    Another question on the G25, does it have an adjustable steering lock seperate from the game? Because that was one good feature of the wheel in the link you sent me Freddie, when you can adjust in 10 degree incremants from 90 to 900 degrees.
  7. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Yes it does Nigel ;)

    You cant adjust the wheels rotation 'on the fly' like you can with the fanatec, but you can alter the wheel rotation in the logitec software.
  8. i read his post as he was asking about wheel lock adjustment on the fly on the wheel not in the profiler :wink:
  9. Here are a couple links to help you decide which you think is worth the money.

    at 9:38 they discuss the G25/G27 comparisons that they didn't in the first vid.