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Wheel advice - PC and Xbox

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Douglas Aird, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird
    Premium Member

    My nephew is looking for a new wheel in the £80 to £120 price range. It will primarily be used for PC but he'd ideally like one that will play nicely with his Xbox, too.

    I have a Thrustmaster 430 wheel which I like and can be bought for £80 on Play.com and Amazon. It works well with PC but I'm not sure about Xbox.

    I have found one site which is selling G25 for around £110 - does that work well with Xbox?

    Any suggestions?
  2. My brother has the G25 it's a fantastic wheel, if you can still grab that will then do so... but ofcourse find out if it works well with the Xbox first.

    i have the Driving Force GT Wheel, which was made for Gran Turismo 5 a few month's ago, it's an excellent wheel.... i know it works well with the PS3 & PC, not sure about the Xbox tho.

  3. To my knowledge only Fanatec work with both PC and Xbox.
  4. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Xbox and PC compatible wheels:

    Microsoft Wireless wheel (only PC compat with a MS pc wireless controller adaptor)
    Logitech Drive FX
    Fanatec PWTS
    Fanatec GT2

  5. However the Turbo S is now sold out - it was a limited edition.