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Whats your perfect set-up?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David Woodmass, May 18, 2012.

  1. I am in the early stages of putting together a racing rig set-up and trying to do alot of research to make sure I am buying the correct things (alot of which I have found on these forums)

    As you will all be aware there are quite a few different options in all aspects of building a rig ie. different rigs,wheels, pedals, screens etc.

    But if you were to build your perfect set-up what would it include? But keep realistic lol

    One reason for doing this is to try and get as many ideas as possible for myself :thumbsup:
  2. I wrote a whole ton of stuff but thought it was stupid so here.

    I use a:
    G25 with a QR 320mm suede wheel with the FFB modified (seriously do this, it's 5 million times better)
    Clubsport pedals (which I don't understand the hype, I think they suck)
    Frex Shift + (sequential shifter)
    Custom cockpit/button panel with Cobra Imola S racing seat
    SLI-M, GI-Max, SPI-D on custom dashboard
    Tactile Transducer on the back of the seat. Same idea as a Buttkicker, just not one.
    Single 27" TV, but that's based on my laptop power. Otherwise it'd be triple monitors.

    Obviously the "perfect" cockpit depends on alot of factors, budget being the guideline. I almost exclusively race Le Mans Prototypes so my setup is based for that purpose.

    My next steps include a custom steering wheel (in the works), new pc with triple monitors, modifying some racing pedals to work, and more than likely making a custom motion unit.
    I use what I think is the best for the buck. Sure it's not a cheap "sport", but it's a heck of alot cheaper than having my own Oreca FLM09, trailer, spares, fuel, vehicle to tow said equipment, renting a track, etc..
    I also race almost 2 hours a night so I find it a necessary cost to have products I feel useful.

    If that helps or not I don't know. :) ;)
  3. It's pains me to say my good man but it's NEVER perfect. If you seriously get into racing the idea of chasing split seconds with new equipment is always on the mind. Hell man I got a big screen nice seat Bose surround Buttkicker LFE and now that it's almost done (when Brian sya's it's done hehe) I want a SimXperience Stage V and cannot for the life of me get the idea of actually feeling the good ole seat of my pants feel when the rear wheels steps out of my damn head. I mean the Buttkicker is nice but to have that AND motion is a game changer imho.

    I come from the gaming days when we chased red dots and my tv had 4 channels and worked better with tin foil on the antenna so take what I say with a grain of salt BUT you can always tell how old your getting by the size of your screen.

    It's what makes you happy that's important.
  4. Yeah randy I know everybody elses set-up isnt goin to be perfect for me and theres always going to be that little bit that needs changed just trying to get as much info as possible as you know there is so many different factors to building a rig lol

    Must admit gary that sounds pretty damn impressive lol A few abbreviations in there i dont quite know what they mean but im picking the language slowly haha

    My set-up so far is as follows:

    Gt Omega Racing Simulator Pro (ordered): Couldnt find anything better as an all rounder for that price and looks to be a good piece of kit!

    Logitech G-27 wheel: Ordering this end of the week, choose it due to the fact logitech seem to get pretty much an all round good review and customer care also seems to be ahead of the competition.

    Pedals: Now this is where I'm slightly stuck! Nobody seems to use the g27 pedals and ive found very mixed reviews on the fanatec pedals. Not sure where else to look!

    Buttkicker: This will be added on at a later date.

    Tv: I have a 32" samsung LED thats already in my bedroom so will have to suprise the wife when she comes home to find it rigged to my racing rig haha

    Now some advice would be nice here...I have an xbox, ps3 (dusty blu-ray player) and pc. I am looking at the xcm unit to make the G-27 compatible with the xbox, Anybody know of a better way of doing this or know of any problems this causes?
  5. The XCM will make the G27 operable with the Xbox but you're not getting real FFB. There might be rumble effect that you get from your gamepad/controller but that's a poor interpretation of real FFB. A good alternative at a comparable price is the Fanatec CSR (non-Elite) thats sells for $249 including the standard pedal. It's not as moddable as the G27 and the pedal that comes with it is a notch below that of the G27. But you're getting an all around compatibility- PC, PS3 and xbox. And by the time you add the XCM unit to the G27, you're already paying more than the CSR.

    Edit- Another alternative is the CSR wheel with the addition of the CSR-Elite pedal- that's $200 for the wheel and another $150 for the top-notch pedal.
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  6. Cool thanks for that mate:thumbsup:

    So would I experience the same problems hooking up the thrustmaster this way?
  7. You mean if you were to go with the T500RS instead of the G27? If that's what you mean- I don't believe the T500RS will work with the XCM F-1 converter despite both the G27 and T500RS are PC/PS3 compatible wheel. I Believe the XCM will only work with the G25/G27 and possibly the DFGT.
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  8. Nice 1.

    Looks like its csr for me then lol cheers mate could have landed myself in a right stinker there lol