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What's the driving like?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Joseph Maxx, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. I'm very intrigued about PCars and have been following the development for some time now, unfortunately I was not one of the lucky few that got in on the early access program. I know the game is still under development so the driving characteristics can and likely will change by the time it reaches v1.0 release but was curious if the driving is closer to Assetto Corsa or TDU2? I've driven both extensively and enjoy them both but they are very different so I'm wondering if PCars is closer to one or the other.

  2. pCARS is comparable Assetto Corsa with the right car; some are very nearly complete whilst others are very much a work in progress with physics and tyre models to be finalised.

    Naturally there will be those who say pCARS is better than AC and those who say it's worse than TDU2 :sneaky:
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  3. AC isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but Pcars feels more like Shift2.
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  4. Don't worry about it, just get it when they are done and i'm sure you don't regret it later.;)
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what do you consider to be a good sim since you say AC isn't all that and pCars feels like Shift 2? I'm curious what you're using for a point of reference in a racing sim.
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  6. Well said.

    I wonder if they'll release a scaled down demo or something soon, so that we outsiders can have a feel of the game.
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  7. GSCe.....netkar/FVA/GTRe/rf2/GTR/GTR2/GTL/P&G.
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  8. OK, at least we have a basis for your standards. All of those are sure enough fine sims if not slightly old now, but AC is certainly a cut above NetKar, even made by the same team and yet AC isn't all that but NetKar is? That's puzzling to me.

    I can't speak about pCars since I don't have access to it yet, but I would be surprised if its a night and day difference from Shift 2 or Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends since those are Slightly Mad's most recent titles. I hope they surprise me and show me something more sim like, but I'll still play pCars regardless.
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  9. Good assumption on your part and very observant. As for what I can say for myself(and not speak for anyone else) I like the driving very much so. I have the Shift Series and TDFRL and while those games are playable pCARS is much more with much greater efforts put into what people care greatly about than just a fan title sold off to generate revenue for the next project. I am sure there will be people with opinions on both sides of the coin but the efforts of SMS cannot be discounted.
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  10. That's a fine list for sure but how is pCARS off the mark enough of those to compare it with Shift 2? Personally I just don't see it myself
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  11. I just compared pcars to GSCe and some of Simbin, and pcars feels weird, it still feels centre sprung and pendulumy and lacks FFB detail all over the place.

  12. Netkar is a far better driving/FFB experience than AC with my G27.....I'd love to have netkar driving model in AC anyday.
    Netkar and FVA are pure and precise, the opposite of AC which feels like it's got a tacked on FFB model.
  13. Fair enough, agree to disagree.
  14. Have you discussed this with other G27 users to see if they have a better setup for your wheel? It might help at least it does not hurt to try. AFM I have not been involved with the ffb tweaks thread since I really don't feel the need to with my CSW. I however will agree SMS is heavily working on the car systems in general and overall the experiences change from build to build with new tire versions being added at least in the primary test cars area almost every weekly build. You may want to test the Formula C as this is where the main tire testing is going on and the fact the tire system ties directly to the ffb systems you can see just how much things change from build to build.

    Also due to the fact that I am not all that finicky I have found I have been unable to give finely detailed feedback because even with all the changes most of them feel acceptable to me and I have left that area to those further wanting to pinpoint what they are seeing within those systems. As for ffb I see improvement in weight shift transfer and what the rear of the car is telling me when it starts to break loose but the overall effects or track surface noise maybe something that is continuously being looked into. I feel jolt magnitude when going over curb but I think the impression I am getting is the users would like to see more jolt effect for track imperfections. I for one would like to see it if it is noticeable but subtle.
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  15. For about 2 years:rolleyes:
  16. I added to my post on my take on the ffb if you want to look at that.
  17. Regarding Pcars handling, I would put it somewhere between Shift2 and AC. I could not stand playing Shift2 - even with the zero dead-zone and other realism mods. That was truly like steering a boat to me. Grid was much better but, barely playable. Maybe it was the wheel or settings I tried but, I didn't have the same understanding of FFB setup that I do now. All I know is that I lost interest really quickly when the handling was not even close to being believable. Much of the car-handling in Pcars already surpasses that test. That is not to say that it is accurate to real-world physics, just that it is in that "gray area" between the two. I consider Dirt2/3 to fit into the lower-end of that category - not true to life, just believable enough handling to be fun.

    AC currently has excellent FFB using the CSW. rF2 is really good but, I think AC suits the CSW FFB better. For me, AC feels better than NetKar and FVA. Pcars FFB is probably the thing that is holding up making a fair comparison right now. The tires and FFB are not locked down yet so, the handling is not so easy to judge. Some cars drive really well and others simply have not had the handling dialed in yet. Of the cars that do feel good now, better FFB should get Pcars closer to AC. It's harder to judge the physics when the FFB is not fully dialed in. A better comparison might be made with GT or Forza but, being that those are not PC titles, one would likely do better to compare the console version of Pcars.

    At this point, the end result is still all speculation in terms of how the handling will compare when complete. Seeing the amount of effort and dedication that is going into making Pcars does suggest that it will end up being very good. AC-level handling is a tall order in my view but, time will tell where it ends up and even then, the only thing guaranteed is that people's opinions will vary wildly - just as they do with every other title in development now.
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  18. I would agree that it seems Slightly Mad is taking this very seriously compared to their last few titles. The fact that they decided to go early access and get community feedback says a lot about how a company wants to make the game right for their customers.
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  19. Well you have to think with the Shift series you have the QA guys from EA playing a big role of when they think the title is ready to ship not so much the developer having the final word. SMS has expressed that they wish their hands were not tied in that situation and that more effort could have been continued even after the EA people say it's good enough now get it ready to ship. As for TDFRL I think too much effort was needed to correct some of the things that title needed and no time to do it as they had already planned on developing their next title and needing to find ways to fund it as what has led us to where we are right now. I am able to drive those other SMS titles even if I don't think the driving was as good as a codies Dirt series title. I don't think it was actually a matter of how serious they have ever been they did develop the great early SimBin titles and believe in a standard of excellence. Just seems their hands have been tied on some key issues related to their last 3 titles. Remember M3 Challenge was (is) a great game by them
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  20. So here my answer to OT
    Some cars feel really great (btw the demo of rf2 is just horrible) others are still WIP and are therefore atm not so great ... the community and the devs are doing a great job... devs do their best and the community gives great feedback on it ...


    When was the last time you did try out pCARS?