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Whats happened I cant find races to get MPR

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Nick Brooke, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Well i been away a couple of weeks but after the update i can no longer find any series for rookie in Ovals that gives me any MPR or SR. i have raced in 5 events all of which i had clean races and still nothing but ---------- in the place where SR ect should be. Looking at it i dont see one single Legends race only Carb cup which i appear not to be able to get points for.
  2. It's week 13. Races that count are few and far between. The Street Stock races at Charlotte may count?
  3. During week 13 between the seasons they have things like Week 13 street stock challenge or the Mazda cup thing... However and I say this VERY seriously, if you worry about your SR iRating do not get in these races!!! I dont know what it is about them but I guess it's like a "fool" moon or something for iRacing...hahaha I have only had one clean race during a week 13 and every other time I have ran a race during week 13 has been just stupid.

    **edit** sorry Eric we must have been typing at the same time...
  4. Thanks guys, I raced in one just now and got 3rd my best result so far in ovals but i wanted to get to 3.0 to get promotion but i doubt im gonna do that lol. Your right dirty driving and then some one race a guy was going backwards
  5. Don't bother racing in week 13, unless your iRating is high enough to keep you away from all of the wreckers. You're better off running a load of qualy sessions to gain some SR. Or just wait for the start of the next season.
  6. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    Week 13 is good for iRating if you're interested. If you're focussing on SR you should run away and hide out of sight until the week is over.
  7. Well what can i say, sr got to 2.85 now back to 2.53 lol. wreakers are us out there you guys are totaly right. I had no chance to play iracing for 2 weeks so i couldnt resist lol
  8. I should say the above posts are spot on, because races sure have gotten nasty this week. BUT, after a slight phase of "one step forward, two steps back", I took my Oval SR from a 3.50 to a 4.60 in 2 days (~18 races). I've been starting in the back (usually by iRating, sometimes with a pace lap pit stop) and while I don't race for wins, I still do get to race hard enough to be fun. You just have to be on your toes, and wait the first 1/5 of the race for things to sort out before pushing up the field. It's definately hairy, but it can be done.

    P.S. - Map a "Mute Driver" button to your wheel. You're going to need it :wink:
  9. Yeah, Week 13 is an SR nightmare. I have managed to recover my iRating somewhat after some not-stellar runs late last season, though, so that's good. It's also the first time I've ever run MX-5's on the Charlotte Road Course, which was pretty fun.

    Lots and lots of 4x incidents, though, even when the other guy isn't trying to wreck you. The irony is that I don't get why everyone's so pushy in Week 13.;)
  10. I got lucky last night, and hoped on to do an MX5 race. Managed to get my clean race award from it :p

    Was a really good race too, with about 20 people on the server.
  11. hahahahaha, i sussed how to do it. my sr got below 2 and i was mighty fed up so i thought id try another tactic. i waited in the pits for 4 laps and then came out giving the crashers enough time to wreck. i had loads of 3rds and 4th places cause they were all in the pits so long. anyway i got enough for my promotion and got the hell out of dodge