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What wheel to buy?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Markus Vähä, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Didn't find any threads about the subject, and thought I might not be the only one pondering about purchasing new wheel.

    Background: Occasional driver, might drive just few hours in week, sometimes maybe 20 hours a week. Interest is high, time is not. Current wheel is Logitech MOMO Racing wheel and now I've decided to get new one.

    I'm almost certain that I will get G27, but then T300 is very tempting... Which one would YOU buy and why? One local store sells G27 249 euros and T300 for 349 euros. Or is there any other choices I should consider?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Jyri Kettunen

    Jyri Kettunen
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Expert.fi sells T300 for 299 euros. I've been thinking of upgrading my G27, but keeping its modded pedals.
  3. PC use only?
  4. Forgot to mention, yes PC use only.
  5. There's no better value for the money than the G27 since it basically gives you everything in one package for around $200 USD. That being said, there are better wheels if you're willing to spend a little more and I would recommend the Thrustmaster TX or T300, TH8A shifter, and T3PA pedals.
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  6. The T300, TH8A and improved pedals (T3PA or Ricmotech adapter with G27 pedals) ends up around double the price of the G27, but for me as well it's a clear step forward.

    If you are likely to only use paddles and left foot brake, then the T300 is effectively an improved G27 with no cogging, much smoother, more power, and just as freely spinning. It communicates little nuances of the FFB very nicely and the brushless motor and belts is state of the art in affordable FFB at the moment.
  7. I was actually wondering this too.

    I was thinking about a T500rs tho, how does that compare to the t300? Is the price difference worth it?
  8. When you buy a T500, you get also get a decent set of pedals but still no shifter. You can buy a T300 or TX, T3PA pedals and a TH8A shifter for about the same price as a T500 and in my opinion, the T300 and TX are better wheels. I have a T500 and a TX myself.
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  9. At the moment you can get a T500 for only €20-30 more than a T300 in this country. The TX is €50 cheaper but needs a better rim (e.g. The GTE rim) so comes out slightly more expensive than the T300. And obviously buying better pedals for the TX or T300 means the T500 is the bargain of the three!

    So with the T500 at that price it's a tricky choice. The T500 really is more powerful, has much better pedals, and while it has more resistance and notching due to the older motor and belt tech, it's still a very good experience... Just remember to use the T500 regularly, because the belts free up considerably when used regularly.

    Personally I think I'd pick the T300 with improved pedals as the better all round solution, because I am a fan of low resistance agile wheels for diverse sim racing. But at the same time I really like those big chunky fixed paddles and larger rim from the T500: works great for instance in rally sims or when drifting.

    I'm lucky to have both the T300 and T500, so I don't have to choose. But it's not an easy choice.

    Thrustmaster themselves have a handy comparison chart:

  10. Price difference here in the US is much greater between a T500RS and a T300 or TX.



  11. Here in Finland both the TX and T300RS are about 300€ and T500 is 398€.
    With TX/T300 I would invest in better pedals like 87€ Thrustmaster T3PA or 250€ Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals.
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  12. I can recommend the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals (150 €, happy owner).
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  13. Agreed, I think it's lunacy buying an inferior wheel (the T500) just to get the pedals, which can be bought standalone for €87 according to Jari, or even better you can buy a pair of CSR Elites for €150 and get proper loadcell pedals.
  14. ISR released their review of the T300 and mentions a comparison with the T500 during;