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What wheel, £230 budget?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Anuraj Tapidas, May 6, 2013.

  1. I've been running with the the DFGT for a while now and I want a new wheel, since I already have G25 pedals (which I bought recently) with the Leo Bodnar cable I only need the wheel. Has anyone got any recommendations that will allow me to improve my sim racing experience?
    As in in title £230 budget but preferably around £200 pounds
    Also, I'm on PC
  2. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    At that price range your only real option i think would be a G27.Since you already have better peddles I'm not sure it would be worth it since the DFGT wheel is not that bad.I think if i were you i might save up some more and get something higher end like the Fanatec clubsport or Thrustmaster T500,or wait for the next Logitech wheel to come out.
  3. I was thinking of maybe a Fanatec GT3 RS V2 as my parents have complained about the noise my DFGT makes and I have also seen reviews about belt driven wheels such as the gt3 that say they feel bettter than the ones with gears.
  4. In my opinion Fanatec CSR is little bit better wheel than GT3. GT3 has nice alacantara rim but CSR FFB is more direct and less damped. Also buttons and gear levers are better in CSR.
    Fanatec products are not the most reliable products in the market so buyer beware. :)
  5. A new wheel is always something to get some information about, before buying one.
    At firts, I would recommend a Fanatec wheel over a Logitech.
    Coming from a Logitech G27
    I now own a Fanatec GT3rs v2 with the Elite pedals, which is a Fanatec offer. For about £240
    Recently I owned a CSR wheel aswell. Just because I was curious how it would be.
    In my opinion the CSR has very good paddle shifters and a nice layout of buttons.
    The FF reaction is a bit quicker, as the wheel is a bit lighter.
    This is as far as my pro's for this wheel go.
    After 2 nights of racing, I went back to the GT3. Because the cheap plasic rim was causing blisters to my hand. And I couldn't get a good feeling with roadcar races either. For real race cars the wheel feels just fine.
    If you don't need your wheel for the Xbox, you won't be dissapointed with the GT3. If you do need it for the Xbox then a GT2 is also a good option. As these 3 wheels are basically all the same.

    And yes Fanatec wheels can fail as all other wheel brands do. But when it does, repair is on its way or even a new wheel. So no problems with that at all;)
  6. Thanks I think I will go with the GT3 RS V2 by Fanatec then.
  7. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    The DGFT and G27 are worlds apart, The DFGT feels real plastic, and i think they are clunky... G27 has helical gears for ffb so much better.
  8. My DFGT developed a huge deadzone recently so I went a head and got the gt 3 rs v2. Thanks for the input guys.
  9. ... Nevermind, just saw your last post...