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What to choose (Race07, Race On or Bundle)?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dmytro Botnarenko, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. People. Tell me please, what game should I choose to buy, to participate in RD events - Race Series (club races and maybe leagues in the future)?

    "Race07" or "Race On"? Is indeed tempting offers on Steam.:D

    Or I need only bundle to be able to take part at all Race-events? (but it costs much more then todays sale of Race07 and Race On)

    And, can I take part in RD online events, if I have Steam-version of the game?
  2. Race On + GTR Evo
  3. Race on inlcudes RACE 07.
    Because RACE 07 is the main game. :)

    So if you have nothing you need to but RACE bundle because only expansion doesnt work if you dont have RACE 07. :)
    And yes with Steam you can race with us. :)
  4. Ha! Steam says, if I want to play Race On, then "Requires Race07 to play". It turns out that I will have to buy both?

    UPD: THX Peter and Ivo.

    But...today is (on Steam):
    Race 07 + Race On + GTR Evo = 4.99 + 6.24 + 4.99 = 16.22
    BUNDLE (RACE 07, STCC - The Game , RACE On) = 24.99!

  5. There are 2 versions, one is the bundle that has Race 07 + STCC + Race On and the other is just the Race On expansion that requires you to already have Race 07.

    In order to get ALL the content, including STCC you will need to get the Race On bundle, then add the GTR Evolution Expansion.

    I had GTR Evolution Complete (Race 07 + GTR Evo) and added the Race On expansion, and am missing STCC.
  6. Option 1: Race 07 + Race On + GTR Evo

    This is the most bang for the buck, but leaves you without STTC (and possibly Caterhams? Not sure.) Add STCC and you are looking at $37 (rounded up)

    Option 2: BUNDLE (RACE 07, STCC - The Game , RACE On)

    This leaves you without GTR Evo, which has Nurburgring, so you are looking at about $32 for the complete kit this way

    I would say option 1 if you don't care about STCC, option 2 if you want complete set.
  7. Thanks a lot, Aaron :D
    I probably will choose Option 1 and wait for bargain sale of STCC.
  8. Depends on what you like Dmytro. :)
    If you want to drive some WTCC cars in the Club you will need STCC. Because almost all of those club events STCC is required.
    If you like GT cars and want to join those events. You will need Evo. :)
  9. I see. Thanks m8 :wink:
  10. I would say option 3 all content:

    Race 07 + Race On + GTR Evo + STCC = 4.99 + 6.24 + 4.99 + 9.99 = 26.21 €

    What an offer. :)

    But in fact most STCC content is included in Race On.
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Welcome to the confusing world of expansion failures. When will they finally get this off steam and sell RACE On including all expansions. This drives people nuts.
  12. Just to keep this thread up to date, in case someone doesn't see the other one: J-F posted and said there was a mistake, and now all Simbin titles are on sale, including STCC and the bundles!