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What is your pace after the Release?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tal Sarig, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Hey guys. Me and a couple of friends had a discussion. At the 1.09 RC, I was able to get down to 1:56s on Nurb GP, on medium tires and 30l of fuel. After the update, I havnt been able to get to the 57s.

    Same goes for Imola. 1:42.7-9 or even 1.43 flat on medium tires in the SLS and the Z4 (similar times), but now it's hovering above 1:43s.

    Did the tire update reduce your time as well?
    Is there any setup changes to get more grip that affect the car more than it did the last couple of updates?
    What do you think of the new tire model? I havent seen or felt any difference in the handling, other than the more realistic times we can get out of the tires.
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  2. Generally my lap times been slower by 2-3 seconds on every track after the 1.0
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  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Kunos have reduced overall grip levels, in particular the lateral grip and lateral load tolerance of the tyres, meaning that your cornering performance will be slightly worse.

    Which is good. :)
    The physics and FFB are now the best they've ever been in AC.
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  4. I totally agree! The times you could put down before 1.0 were too fast. The tires stuck to the ground like glue. But now its more realistic and more fun!

    Seems like that's the go-to time loss after 1.0. Every track is slowe by around 2 seconds :(
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  5. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I do not mind. As grip decreases i adjust the driving style. AC feels very good and natural and i only practice on green tracks. Individual laptimes dont matter for me. Racing 30 laps without any mistake is way more important for me. Im able to set fast individual laptimes but i know i cant keep them up during a race. Either i destroy my tires or i go off track ruing my race.
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  6. IRobot


    Formula Abarth at Spa, best time I got before the update was 2:19.8 (13th Dec). After the 1.0 update, the best I managed was a 2:20.2 with the same setup.
  7. Weird that the F.Abarth didnt get such a huge drop of performance from the update! Maybe its because its a lot of aero, and less about the tires? :whistling:
  8. Before the update you could drive some GT3 cars with very low aero.
    SLS GT3 could drive on SPA with 0-0 wings easily.
    Now you need to drive with more real wings as the car over- or understeers more.
  9. I find some of my times dropping fairly easily. But my hard work times the combos i put the most time into about a second.

    I find the overall feel of the cars is better, i can get the power down better the way the car reacts feels more proper now than it did in earlier builds where at times things would just seem to be off.

    Also have switched from no traction systems to factory settings and been driving the cars that way since they added those menu options, and rsr really should support factory settings for pro rankings, but thats another discussion. But that might be why some cars/combos i find it pretty easy to match or surpass my old times.