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What is this sketch, we can't buy the expansion pack!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jacques Bonet, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I bought Race 07 5 month ago.

    When GTRE was annonced, Simbin say if you have Race07, you could buy it for 17.99 euros.

    Today, is sell GTR Evolution. I go to steam for download it.

    When I click on "Purchase GTRE Expension", I've a error message saying this game is not distributed on my country.

    When I click on "Purchase GTRE full version", that works, I can buy it, but at 44.99 euros.

    So want to understand : is it a mistake or a wanted decision?

    I expect its a mistake, because I'll have some difficulties to understand that drivers which give to Simbin 45 euros some month ago when they buy Race 07, are defavorised compared to drivers they just buy the game today.

    Concerning the price of the GTRE Addon I don't understand.
    You say the price will be 17.99 some week ago for the addon, today on steam it was at 22.99$, and tonight it is at 29.99$, and to get it we must buy the full version at 44.99$, so 250% higher.

    I could say I'm not very satisfied with Simbin actually :

    1) for V-WTCC, +50 kilos for BMW on Osher 2 days before the semi-final!!!!. "new exciting rules" as you say.

    2) I post a message yesterday on Race 07 official forum, about mistakes on leaderboard world rank : BIOSPORT.RUS race times must be removed. My post has been censored (never publisher). Why?

    Now sale of GTR-Evolution.

    What next?.

    I say I'm not happy on this forum, but I think, there is a lot of guys not happy of what is happen actually, but say nothing. They say nothing, but will play on another sim if there is no change, and you'll lost money with this not safe politic.

    GTR, GTR2 and Race07 was great game, and I tanks you for that.
    Simbin, don't go to these companies, where only money is important, whatever is obtain it.

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  3. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Just curious Jacques, but you seem to mix up a lot of stuff here. First of all the release of the expansion pack you refer too is from Steam right? SimBin is the developer of the game and Steam should do the distribution.
    Point two: you were one of the guys complaining in the V-WTCC that it was unfair that the FWD cars were too slow compared to the RWD BMW's and once we do something about it you suddenly change your opinion :)
    Point three: Your post was removed from the Official RACE 07 forum? What has that to do with RaceDepartment where you seem to be unhappy according to your post? We dont host the official RACE 07 forum. RSC does
    I think you are seeing ghosts my friend or you mix a lot of information up. I dont understand the tone of your post probably
  4. Hello Bram,

    My complain is not about racedepartment but about simbin, and i thanks racedepartment to permits to publish my post.

    Because my post on Race07 was not published, I prefer to post here, and also GTRE forum is too busy actually.

    Lot of my simracer friends are unhappy actually, because they can't download the game. I think its better to say when there is some problems, than to say nothing and buy another game. The game is very good, the distribution not in France.

    Concerning weight modification, I agrea I ask more weight to BMW on Brno, but my asking was at least 2 weeks before the semi, Brno was the best track for BMW and also I never ask to put so much weight, but only 20 kilos.

    Good night, its late, just finishing developping some tools for the new LFGTR championships, on GTR2, Race07 and GTRE.

  5. Jacques,

    However i understand your frustration, i would like to ask you 2 things for consideration:
    1. please adress the points to the valid and right area,
    - releasing a game has nothing to do with Simbin, when it appears on Steam is absolutely not in their hand
    - V-WTCC, i think it was a good step they did there, but it is just my personal opinion, of course nobody has to agree
    - Censored posts at RD? Here? i am not aware of it

    2. I would like to kindly ask you to rethink the posting style of yours, i am not completely sure you have choosen the best tone to adress your opinion....

    Cheers: Atti
  6. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Additional info;

    The Expansion should be available on steam for everyone, its a valve error which will be address asap. Delay will be the timezone barrier between Europe (SimBin/Customers) and US (Valve).

    Hope you can understand.

    Please discuss V-WTCC matters on the v-wtcc forum. Although some of our members/staff is involved in V-WTCC, the discussion does not belong here.
  7. Thks Ramon for your Response.

    Attila, my opinion reflected the opinion of lot of friends who wanted to download the game yeatherday. Also a never speak of censored post on RD.

    I agrea, if the problem is corrected quickly, we forget it.
    But understand the interogations was quite natural when you can download the full game and not the extension.


  8. Ye Jaques, believe me i understand how does it feel when you want to get something really, and you cant have it for whatever reason :)
    My point is, that it should be adressed to the right direction, and in this case it is not Simbin, since they have nothing to do with release date/timing.

    Cheers: Atti
  9. In fact they do, its publishers (Simbin) choice apparently.
    (i dont believe one second its an error)
    But i will buy it when i get to buy the addon without Race07.
    (and i hate myself for it, i should vote with my wallet!)
  10. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Why do you keep repeating that Simbin is the publisher which they arent. They develop the game and Atari/VivaMedia/Akella/Steam are responsible to get it on your pc :D
  11. [​IMG]

    Steam doesnt decide when it will be available in what continent, they just offer a way to distribute!
    (means regarding steam release, Simbin is the publisher)
  12. Believe me when i say, distribution and exact release timing is independent from Simbin, i know it.