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What is the difference between Dx11 and Dx9, graphically speaking?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Terri Buenaflor, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. As the thread title say,

    Is there any noticeable graphical changes between dx11 and dx9?

    because my eyes can't tell the difference, maybe some of you have spotted any MAJOR difference.

  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    DX11 - DX9 = Marketing :) There is probably some differences, curious myself.

    I usually don't see it either. Same with the difference between digital TV and HD TV :)
  3. Unless they took advantage of tessellation, there isn't much difference.
  4. I see, then I will stick to dx9 for now since using dx11 reduces my fps by almost 10 :(.

    Thanks for the response guys :D
  5. Well there's certainly not much difference, but I'm glad it is as it is. If they decided to use the full potential of DX11, every computer would explode. (Tessalation would be fine however, cool technology).
  6. SO far the only difference is in the "resolution" of the textures. eg: grass on the side on the track, certain lines, tarmac and shadowing. Im sure our dear modders wil have a DX11 Gl4Dlights mod soon...the game is really sharp in dx11. Another DX11 feature is the "blur" of distant objects, you can see it sometimes on replays.
  7. F1 is a console port. It was designed and developed to run primarily on Xbox. Xbox just about constitutes DX9 (of sorts) but it can cope with high poly models, but it is not capable of the tessellation processing involved with true DX11 - it does not have the hardware.
    As a side note, DirectX (9, 10, 10.1, 11) is a Microsoft product and therefore is in direct competition with Sony, who use OpenGL rather than DX hence you won't find DX anything on PS3.

    With all that in mind, for F1 2011 sure CM (or developers in general) do tack on some other DX11 features at the end, like soft shadows, MLAA, SSAO and DOF (Depth Of Field control) etc which will make things look a bit prettier and obviously cost you FPS - they will never be true DX11 without making use of the tessellation processing unit offered on a DX11 card. To do that would involve bespoke development, more time, more money, more resources, and that's why you will never see true DX11 in a console port.

    That's my understanding of the matter anyhow.
  8. Yet it would have been great if they used Tessellation for them curbs and lines on the tracks, it shouldn't be a huge bash to the FPS either.
  9. Nah, but give me some tessalated pitgirls, that should be priority 1 for next patch... :D :wink: