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What is the current Multiplayer state?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Andre Marques, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. I just downloaded the game from Steam and I want to know if there is enough players online and if i can get a few clean races aswell.

    Is there some key MP features still missing in RRRE?

  2. yes some features still missing, it is in ALPHA stage, but very usable...but expect some frustrating times.

    Small community, but with that more aware, nice. Time of day will determine numbers....euro is the busy time.

    It keeps getting better. They just came out with dedi servers, so they have some issues, but the game keeps getting better.
  3. If you can log on around 5pm EST the servers will have a couple full races these days. Or midday on the weekends seem pretty busy as well.Later on around 9 or 10pm EST it gets pretty bleak, unless there is a group logging on to race like ESR. Still since the dedicated server update it seems like traffic has doubled easily. Im finding lately the drivers online are almost all decent people with very rare idiots.
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  4. Is there any penalty system? How does it works?
  5. what sort of penalties do you mean?

    slow down, drive throughs etc..
  6. Slow down, time penalties, drive throughs is there any type of penalty on online races?
  7. Yes, it varies per server, but most races if you start cutting youll get a forced slowdown or pit through in some.