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What is the best steering wheel

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Barry Morse, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know what the best steering wheel is, as i am looking for a new one thanks for your help guys
  2. For me its the Logitech G25 with a playseat + gearshift holder. But i have to admit, Ive never tried another wheel :cool:
  3. same here! love the wheel (including playseat and gearshiftholder as well)
    I heard the ForceFeedback effects of the g27 (=new g25)
    are much improved compared to the g25 but it's also more expensive
    anayway, I swear by logitech for steeringwheels...

    I once used a much cheaper wheel of logitech (formula force ex or something)
    not bad (for 70 euros) but it doesn't give you enough feelin' with the car
    that's where the g25 makes it's price all worthy...
  4. in wich price range ??

    around 300 euro the Fanatec GT3 RS +Clubsport pedals beats the g25/g27 by miles
    around 1300 euro the ECCI or the VPP wheel
  5. Fanatec GT3 RS for sure. If you're looking for a wheel that isn't rediculous expensive like the VPP.

    G27 vs G25 is a small margin. The wheel feels smoother and is very quiet. The pedal lay-out is a small tad better. You're missing a seq stick.

    That's the changes mainly.
  6. I heard the fanatec must be a very good wheel
    but I keep asking myself the question;
    what about not having a gearshift?
    isn't it a miss? (especially after having driven with a G25/27)
    Is it really that MARGINALLY better then a G25/27
  7. its way better the ffb is realy just something you can dream of the CSP's are again way better as the logitech one
    you can brake so late with them ist not even funny :)
    as i never used the shifter regulary its not a realy miss for me only one thing i dont like is the small shift pedals but
    you get used to it fast :) and its at the same price as the g27 in stores in my town the g27 goes away for 299€
    the GT3 RS+CSP's cost about the exact same 299€ so no hard decision for me to get the Fanatec
  8. My comparison was made between G25 and G27.

    I hadn't added the Fanatec there yet.
    Fanatec =
    VERY smooth FFB, it feels just awesome, I cannot describe it in another way
    Pedals are simply better than G25's and G27's. Especially the feeling in the brake pedal.

    I think I will buy the GT3 RS + Clubsport pedaals = €300
    And I'll add the seq and H-gate shifters which cost €50.
    Total €350 which is the official retail price of the G27... And the G27 is miles behind/

    I meant to say the difference between G25 and G27 is marginal. And the Fanatec GT3 RS is miles ahead. My review will be compeltely ready coming week Need to add some info and experiences with it. G25 and G27 are done a while already. G27 wins from G25, but since it's much more expensive in the stores and not that much better it didn't get a must have stamp. The G25 did get it, but that was at the time it was €200. The G27 was €300 at the time, and the small improvements were not worth €100. So not a must have stamp.
  9. first of all:
    I'm eagerly awaiting your reviews

    So if i understand it right
    you CAN buy a H-shifter for the fanatec?
  10. yea but to be honest the orginal shifter of the fanatec is not realy on par with the shifter of the logitech wheels
    specialy the way its mounted gives you not much options for it place in fact only one position as it will be fixed
    to the wheel but there are some realy propper h-shifters out there like this Baby Lightning SST
  11. It's pretty much like anything else. You will find plenty of people on either side of the fence on any product. I've owned all three (G25 -> Fanatec Turbo S -> G27) I was originally a G25 owner (loved the wheel, but had to mod my shifter because it was just too weak) and I made the move to the Fanatec Turbo S + Clubsport pedals because I wanted a multi-platform wheel.
    The size of the wheel is very nice and it does have both and h-pattern and sequential shifter (in addition to the paddles on the wheel) although, you need to change them as it's not like the G25 where the same shifter can be setup in either mode. Lots of buttons on the Fanatec, which is also nice.
    The Clubsport pedals, when they worked, were definitely a couple of levels above the G25, but the wheel just never felt right to me and the pedals (both throttle and brake) had issues with less than 2 months of use. I was not a first batch buyer, so the pedals had already gone through some improvements by the time I got mine. After getting no real support on them, I boxed them up and went and bought the G27 and never looked back.
    The G27 is pretty close to the G25, but the wheel is a bit more smooth and has a few more buttons. Unlike the G25, the G27 shifter only has H-pattern, no sequential so you would want to consider that. The G27 pedals are a bit better than the G25 (better out of the box setup for heel-toe), but certainly not an evolution. As I said, you will find plenty of people with pros / cons of any product, but make sure you consider the support aspect of your purchase as well.

    Good luck with your choice and may which ever way you go, be problem free :smile:
  12. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor
    Premium Member

    What are everyone's opinions on the logitech DFGT?
  13. Very good wheel for the price. I also have it.
  14. After some reading on the internet
    I have the impression that the G25 is very well built
    and can endure more rough handling than the Fanatec
    especially the pedals and shifter of the Fanatec are very fragile