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What is steer ratio 13-1 ??

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by LazyBug, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. I have a question about the steer ratio. So whats that mean if the car default steer ratio setting is 13-1 ??

    Thanks for the concern & good day.
  2. I believe that means the front wheels steer 1 degree into a corner each after 13 degrees of the steering wheel turning. Increase this ratio and you'll need to turn your steering wheel more in each corner.
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  3. So 1-1 mean front wheel move in game = steering wheel move ?? Why need adjustment like this by the way ??
    Thanks first :)
  4. A lot of it's down to driver preference. You'd probably want much more steering lock at a circuit like Monaco, and you also see it go up and down a bit with driver preference. :)
  5. Here we go:

    13:1 means that you have to turn 13deg for the wheels of the car to turn 1deg. The higher the first number, the slower the steering is.

    For example:

    GT cars: About 11.5:1 to 15:1
    Open Wheelers: 8:1 to 15:1 (Varies a lot depending on the type of Formula)


    MX-5: 900deg of rotation on your wheel + 15:1 ratio = 60deg steering lock (total amount of lock, 30deg on each side)

    GT car: 540deg of rotation + 15:1 ratio = 36deg steering lock (18deg on each side)

    rFactor for example takes only one side for steering lock. In netKar PRO, you don't adjust the steering lock directly, you do so by adjusting the steering ratio AND the degrees of rotation.

    Anyway, it really is more simple than it seems,
  6. I think i understand what it mean now but i dont get why we need a setting like this. I mean why not just 1-1 so how much i turn my wheel is same with how much the wheel turn in game ?? Also what is open wheeler ??

    Thanks again :)
  7. Open Wheeler = F1, F3, Formula Ford, Formula Renault, etc...

    It's NOT a gaming setting, it's a real life thing. It doesn't affect your wheel vs in-game wheel. It affects how fast the real car's steering is, how much you need to turn for the CAR'S wheels to turn 1 degree, not the in-game wheel.
  8. Yeah i use the wrong word, i know its my wheel vs car's wheel, i just dont get why not just 1-1.
    Also how to know the rotation degree of all the car in this game ??
  9. This going to be hard....
  10. Right.

    It is already 1:1 with the game. As far as the ratio goes, if it was 1:1, it would be undriveable, only Karts use that, not cars.

    Degree of rotation is adjustable in your profiler (what wheel do you have)
  11. DFGT wheel. Nvm if its hard to explain, its ok.
  12. in nKP if you set 900deg of rotation (in logitech profiler and in nKP settings) you dont need to change the steering ratio in cars cause thats very close how they are in real life. Only if you think the wheel is too much or too less sensitive just adjust the steering ratio to your needs.
  13. So its actually same with steer sensitivity which found in many other racing game ??
  14. Um. Just imagine what you're saying there. You turn your steering wheel 90 degrees, and your front wheels turn 90 degrees?

  15. Yeah whats wrong with that ?? Too power steering ?? Too sensitive ?? To me its quite convenient cause i lazy to turn alot, at least thats how i play F1 2011, 45 degrees turn already quite enough even for a hairpin. May be this is not work in sim, i dont know :)
  16. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Like a Bumper car, if you have a fwd and turn the wheel 180° you go reverse.
  17. I give up :D
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  18. LOL. You don't see a problem with your front wheels turning 90 degrees to one side? That's pi/2 radians, if that paints a clearer picture.
    Not that they can anyway, but just as an example of what 1:1 steering ratio would do.

    I think there might be a language barrier here.
  19. Yeah i no good in english but trust me i know what you guys saying and of cause i will not turn 90 degree if my steer ratio is 1-1.
    You know i set my wheel rotation = 90 degree (so each side 45 degree) in logitech profile to play F1 2011 & Shift 2 so i only need to turn 10-20 degree for most of the corner and not more than 30 degree for hairpin, it work for me quite well.
    I mean i never need to turn full left / right 45 degree to make a turn & i like that, i a lazy person so i wonder if i can do that in this nK-pro or not.
  20. Also if i set steer ratio to 1-1 and i set my wheel rotation = 90 degree then my full right / left turn should be only 45 degree not 90 i guess.