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What happens with BTB??

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zoka, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. This is second time that i try made my track,first time i have similar problems like now .Object just DISAPEAR,i put house's near road and some of them just disapear when i start to drive RBR.I replace houses that disapear with other type of houses and when i start game they are on right place BUT OTHER HOUSE'S DISAPEAR DAMN,the BTB just drive me around or something else.I work last 3 days on this and now start this problems. What i should do,have someone similar problems,please write some ideas i have no more nerv's for this
  2. Maybe i understood you wrong but look object LOD settings
  3. Kytt what should i look in LOD settings,i only dont know what this means lod in/lod out??
    What i want to say about my object is that in one part of track few house's just vanish,and when i replace them with diferent type of house's they stay,BUT in some other part of track other houses vanish,and that happens cyclic
  4. What i try to say,i open in BTB my project track 10 and in project everything is ok,all houses are on their place ,but when i start RBR some of houses disapear,and i remember what object missed and put another one example:blu house.When i start RBR blue house is there but in second part of track yellow(EXAMPLE) house missing,then i back in BTB and put green house instead yellow,and i get back in RBR, and BLUE and GREEN house are on right place but in first part of track missed some other house:pissed-off:
  5. From Help file:
    LOD In: Minimum distance from viewpoint before the Object is drawn onscreen.
    LOD Out: Maximum distance from viewpoint before the Object is drawn onscreen.
    Example if you set LOD in to 1 then object disappears 1m radius from the car. You can see the object from 2meters but not 0 to 1meter from the object.
    LOD out is the opposite. Higher the number is further you will see the object.
    You can set different LOD setting for each object.
    Put LOD in to 0. You could make some test track to see what LOD settings are doing for objects.
  6. I'm having a same problem with the banners. When I add more of them, others are no longer visible in RBR, even they are fine in BTB. Have to check the lod though.
  7. I try your suggestion Kytt it won't work at oll houses but at some it work,its seems that i can't fill gap(TWO HOUSE MUST MISS)
    iltavilli know well what i mean and whats happens,we have same problems,i add many houses but i do just a half of my track,i need same number of houses for second part of track,and im afraid how many will disappear till end of track
  8. Maybe it's something to do with collision? If with SObject you make same SObject one place collideable and other not collideable then in RBR non collideable is not showing at all. Probably not the case with regular object
  9. Same thing again,what ever i do some house's vanish,its seem that i must at every house check colide and LOD in,i have rural australia,trackside objects and regular objects,sometime happens with regular objects but the most of time problems are in other two xpack's
  10. What is the LOD OUT for your objects?
  11. Its 2000,suppose its by default
  12. Then i dont have no idea why they disappear
  13. i have a lot of disapearing 3D objets in my RBR proyects...

    like Kytt, i think there is a relationship betwen have diferent collidable options for the same 3D object and disapearing bug, or maybe something related with old xpack format..

    for sure there is a bug or something wrong with RBR collidable option in BTB.

    make that test... put 20 houses and set collide to every, add 10 new houses and set no collidable... i think you can reproduce the bug by this way, test it with old Xpack like - Australia rural.
  14. I have put about 130 house's,and i loss 14-15,i have no more energy to put any more objects,they start vanish when i have about 70-80 objects,probably it is a bug...
  15. I do not know if you solved your issue, but I have this porblem, too!
    I am pretty sure, the main problem is my machine (pc, system).
    If the track is getting "overloaded" BTB goes into slideshow mode, what sometimes nearly makes me going crazy.
    I lost objects, too, when I had too much of them, so I most of the time, only built tracks without grass for example.
    Would be nice, if yomeone could tell me, that I am wrong with my supposition and the problem could be solved. ;)
  16. I did have the same problem.. objects disappeared in RBR but well present in BTB project...I think it's maybe a problem with "collideable" object when they are not on perfectly on the ground. They disappeared...try to put the houses higher (above theground) just for test. and keep me informed! ;-)