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What FPS are you getting?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by F1Aussie, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    I couldn't find a previous thread about this. I am curious what fps everyone is getting. I have an i7 920 and hd 6990 card. When i run the benchmark test it only shows average fps of 26 and minimum of 16. It doesn't seem to matter what settings i tweak it makes little difference. Any ideas?

    What fps are others getting?

    Cheers F1 A
  2. damn and everyone I talk to is telling me to get a sandybridge cpu to replace my ancient core 2 duo. I am on all medium and high setting at 1900x1080 and I am getting avg 55fps.

    PNY GTX 550Ti
    Creative Titanium soundcard
    Thermaltake 450watt PSU
    Antec 200 case
    8 Gb Crucial cheap ram running 1333MHz
  3. Core i7-920
    GTX 560Ti
    12GB RAM
    1TB SATA in RAID-0

    Getting average 59fps in the benchmark with lowest 55fps with graphic preset in Ultra. Resolution 1920x1200 and vsync on.
  4. Hi Taz

    my res is 1920 x 1200 as well dx11 all on ultra, when i reduced reflections to low it only gave me 6 extra frames! I don't have vsync on, does this make any difference to fps? This is bugging me!
  5. With vsync off, I get 76fps average with 63fps minimum in benchmark. But I can't stand the tearing. And I don't remember which track but I was getting very slow frame rate with vsync off. These are with 8xCSAA by the way.

    Did you try all the troubleshooting tips? Try running in DX9.
  6. tried dx9, only made 2 fps difference, troubleshooting tips? think i may have missed something here!
  7. Check your cpu usage? All cores being used by the game?
  8. i5 2500k @ 4.6ghz, ATI6950.
    All settings maxed, 6060x1080 (eyefinity) resolution- 35fps benchmark,
    shadows to high instead of ultra- 55fps :)
    vsync off as with it on my game randomly crashes.
  9. hey taz i havent been able to access the codemasters website for about 4 weeks, something strange going on there?!
  10. jace, yep all cores on, cpu usage is low, dropped shadows from ultra to high, virtually nil difference.
  11. is there a way to check fps in game? have just been using the benchmark numbers
  12. before the patch
    <settings hardwaresettings="hardware_settings_config.xml" view="bumper" />

    <average min_fps="27.752329" av_fps="35.354179" min_fps_ms="36.033012" av_fps_ms="28.285198"

    after the patch

    <settings hardwaresettings="hardware_settings_config.xml" view="bumper" />

    <average min_fps="29.812088" av_fps="36.376854" min_fps_ms="33.543442" av_fps_ms="27.490007" />
  13. okay, i have a serious problem! I just ran the benchmark with all settings on low. Average fps = 35, lowest = 26. Not a happy camper!!
  14. Hi mate,

    There are a variety of posts talking about the lack of CrossFire support (SLi also). Your issue is this: 6990 is crossfire internal. You need a tool to disable it. Its called Radeon Pro. Google the tool and instructions on how to create a profile for F1 2011 to disable the internal Crossfire and you are cooking with gas. Trust me on that. Peace!
  15. Hey Mark, thanks for that! will suss it out.


    F1 A
  16. Works just fine for me.
  17. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Phenom x4 955, GTX 460, Crusial M4 SSD
    Settings Ultra, DX11, 24'' 1920x1080
    Ingame benchmark 55fps
    In a race 60-80fps
  18. What I did with my Crossfire, was create a profile in RadeonPro for F1 2011, go to the 'Tweaks' tab, move the MVPU Mode slider to 'Alternate Frame Rendering' - save the profile, and launch the game. It made my 2x 4870 crossfire jump from 40fps to 70fps using the game benchmark.

    Rest of rig = stock i7 930, 6gb Triple Chan 1600.
  19. Anyone know what the different readings are for the in-game benchmark results?

    <settings view="bumper" hardwaresettings="hardware_settings_config.xml"/>
    <average av_fps_ms="17.847851" min_fps_ms="21.247013" av_fps="56.029156" min_fps="47.065437"/>

    The ones in red caught my eye. With Fraps running.....I get between 48-54 at Monaco, which fits within the last two readings of the benchmark test. When I compared my results to other's posted here, the difference between mine and other's seem weird.