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What Files?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jason Lancett, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hi happy new year people, ive had to do a fresh install of gsc 2012. am i right i only need 1.2 digital set up and 1.7 update.. because no minis are showing just the pace car, even though it says it at the bottom minis, and i cant seem to join online games without getting a mismatch. many thanks for your help..
  2. If you've downloaded the digital files for GSC 2012 v1.2 (one exe and two bin files), you shouldn't need anything else. The 1.7 update is for GSC 2010, 2012 is a totally separate install and largely incompatible with files from 2010.
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  3. ive got the 2012 installer exe. so i install the game to my hard drive and thats it??
  4. the game is running and i can go on line with stock cars.. but no minis are showing just the safety car, and when i go to join f3 getting hdv mismatch??
  5. when your on the main menu , you clicked the arrows to see what cars come up??

    also gsc 2012 exe? does it have bin files in there like this below??

  6. yes scott, the two bin files are there. and i have all the cars except the minis.. it says on the bottom where you pick which car you want that the minis are there, but all that shows is the safety car no minis... cheers jason..
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