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what FFB setting would affect the G27 deadzone

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Greg Latty, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. I cant seem to get rid of the FFb deadzone if this game. Turning the wheel slightly in each direction has no feeling at all but the wheel turns in game.. Any advice. Ive tried 100/0/0/0 and 101/0/0/0 and 100/100/100/100 in logitech profiler. And various settings Ingame. It still has this weird deadzone with the FFB
  2. If the wheels turns, it is not a deadzone problem I suppose.
  3. Yah its not a deadzone with the steering, just the FFB feels dead.
  4. Jok3sta, the G25 and G27 have a small FFB deadzone in the centre. It's the reason why I had to go back to my old Momo Racing wheel (then Momo Force, CSR, and currently T500RS). It's a design of the wheel itself, regardless of game, so that the two opposing forces of the two motors don't try to "kill" eachother while the wheel is straight. This effectively disables FFB when ylur wheel is completely straight and therefore kills all straightline feel (like road texture, bumps, but more importantly braking feel)
  5. ahh ok. I feel like ive never noticed this before. Maybe now that ive noticed it its gonna bother the hell out of me
  6. You can tune out some of the deadzone, but as already stated, be careful not to overdo it or you might make the gearing work against each other and do some harm to the wheel.

    Look in the Force Feedback section of your controller file (userdata folder) - I cannot remember exactly which setting to change but the settings have explanations included, so you should see it in there.
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  7. try this in the controller.ini

    FFB steer force neutral range="0.00000"
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  8. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    • FFB steer force neutral function="0.00000" // Function to apply near neutral force location, in order to tune out FFB "deadzone" but keeping oscillations in check: 0.0=original, 1.0=new
    That may be similar to the rF2 setting which allows you to tune out the G25/27 deadzone. In rF2 it also used to go to 5 decimal places and was a percentage with 0.01000 = 1% and a G25 needing a setting of around 0.03500.

    You test by setting it higher and seeing if the wheel oscillates in game when at a standstill/moving very slowly straight. If so, reduce the number until it stops.

    This may not be the same thing, but it looks a lot like it - anyone know more about this?
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  9. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    I don't think that setting does anything in GSCE, unfortunately. I tried it with my G27, first setting it to 0.03500, no change. I kept raising it until 0.30000, and I couldn't feel anything different in the game...
  10. This might be old, but should this parameter work for reducing wheel center deadzone (G27)? I confused it with rF2 and kept looking for Steering Minimum Torque, until I realized it wasn't for SCE. Hope this is added, @Reiza Studios . Thanks.
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  11. If you guys want to remove a bit of dead zone then remove it in the SCE FFB file. It's your controller file. The general controller.ini file is whatever is currently being used, and then you have a folder with all your saved ones that you can load-up in-game.

    - FFB steer force neutral range="0.03000" // Max distance from center "neutral force" location where forces are reduced to help avoid oscillation (0.0 to disable)

    Change that number to "0.0" and save! Get rid of that nonsense :)

    You may get oscillations when stopped (for example starting your car and leaving pitlane) but once you get up to 5 or 10 km/h it'll be gone.

    While you're at it you might want to enable the following...

    - Alternate Neutral Activation="1" // whether to select neutral if shift up & shift down are pressed simultaneously

    and make sure the following line is indeed set to 0 rather than 20 or, well, any number.

    - Steer Ratio Speed="0.00000" // Speed at which low speed steering lock override ends (for pit navigation, units are meters/sec, 0.0 to disable)

    I think some older versions of SCE had it at 20 or so.
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  13. Can you pls clarify. Set this to 0.0 to remove deadzone, and not to the value of my wheel's deadzone (0.16 or 16% per wheelcheck app)? Or are you just saying to use 1 decimal place, instead of the previous design of 5 places? Currently my file shows "0.00000", perhaps why I have some deadzone, the reason why I asked above how to remove this.

    Thanks. FWIW, the other 2 parameters are already set w/ those suggested values in my files.
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  15. Yup, that's what happens @somebloke80. What I want to verify is why set it to 0.0. Has the parameter been disabled by Reiza?
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  17. Set "FFB steer force neutral range" to 0. Why would you want the game to cancel out all FFB at any point? If your hardware isn't physically able to produce FFB from dead centre (e.g. Logitech G25, and to a lesser extent Logitech G27) then so be it, but why also tell the game not to?

    P.S. It doesn't matter if it's 0.0 or 0.0000 or whatever just make sure it's 0 :)
  18. Ok, so I think its because I got 'neutral range' confused with 'neutral function' earlier.

    So 'FFB steer force neutral range' should be "0.00000". What about 'FFB steer force neutral function', is this for the deadzone? Is the parameter still supposed to be working? Thanks.
  19. The function one, I always left it untouched even from my RFactor 1 days, I think it's something else. Pretty sure you don't need to worry about it. I'd just leave it on default.
  20. Ok. Well that brings me back to my original concern, w/c is if there is a way to enter minimum force to alleviate G27 deadzone, as I've already had both parameters = "0.00000" by default.
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