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What driving aids are allowed on RD server?

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Ben Warren, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, would like to join, but need to find out whether I'll actually be free this evening or not first haha.

    Just a quick question, what driving aids are allowed? If any.

  2. should be just auto clutch and auto gears i think
  3. Thanks Neil!

    I hardly ever play GTR2 and have never raced online with it before, but I think it finally deserves a go! :cool:

    Is the server up now? I've joined a million and one servers on rFactor before, but in GTR2 now I'm constantly refreshing for servers, but it's just saying 'no games available' all the time. Knowing me I'm probably doing something wrong.
  4. with gtr2 you have to make sure you are running in the same mode as the server otherwise it will not be visable, so if you have not done so already then go to realism page and set it to simulation

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  5. Ok, got all the online stuff sorted including the functionality patch, but now it seems I'm well out of date with the version of my game! Mine is currently 1.0, could someone tell me what the most up to date version is currently? Also if anyone has a link, that would be really appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Thanks Ivo, but when I click the link to download 1.1, it just links back to the main forum page for me, not to the download page. Odd!

    Found another link for it though elsewhere, so it's ok. Thank you! :)
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