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What do you plan on racing for Season 1 2011?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Pretty much the title says it all. :)

    What do you guys plan on racing for this season? (Road and Ovals)
  2. Well I'm thinking:

    Skip Barber - trying to get better
    Star Mazda - For Sure
    F1 - gotta have the F1, but very carefully. I'm still fine tuning my Jedi powers
    Lotus - Not sure about this one at all but we'll see after I purchase it
    Grand Am - Looks like a ton of fun but we'll see after purchase
  3. GrandAm
    Star Mazda
    Class C trucks
    Class B Silver crown
    alittle Indy
    alittle F1
    alittle Oval Class B
    and any other car that races on a track that I like.
    This season I am not going to focus on any one series but just race any car that races on a track that I like. I used to race a bunch of different cars in Race On, I kinda miss that. That may be the wrong direction since more then likey will not get really good at any one car as if I focus on one only.
  4. Probably Grand-Am and Star Mazda, maybe some skippy or Class D MX-5
  5. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Dunno yet, Main goal this seasons was to get familair again with iracing and get some MPR done.
    Will be promoted to A on both road and oval so its going to be a free choice.
    Maybe some mazda en Vette on road side ( or DP like it round Daytona), Oval i might focus on a truck or nation wide.
    Due to work i can probally not really commit to a series, so cherry picking nice events i guess. :)
  6. A little bit of skip, mustang and of course, MX5 in rookie.
    I prefer to stay focus on few cars. Once I get my name on top of the leaderboard for a circuit, then I switch :)
  7. For me, I think the time that I've spent learning the MX-5 and how to go faster with this car in our club events and league races, has kind of showed my flaws and what I need to work on. Feel like I went to fast thru the ranks trying to get to the Star Mazda which is one the main reasons why I got into iRacing.

    So thinking about the Skippy and Star Mazda are what I'm gonna concentrate on for this season. Although kinda what Lars said above, not sure I can commit to a series so I might jump in a few Grand-Am races and thinking since I finally put in time and will get promoted to D class in Ovals might put in some time there too.

    Question, what Oval series would you guys recommend to get the feel of what Oval racing is all about? For D class Oval I see SK Modified and the Monte Carlo SS. Those any good?
  8. For starters, do more races this season,and try to finish a serie,for the road events I am definitely going for the mustang really like that car,and maybe the the v8-supercar.
    For oval I am staying with the trucks,popular,fun,and easy to drive.
    BTW are any of you guys using the new facebook implementation that's now available with the last build?
    (I don't really care so much about social media but if it proofs to be a handy "'tool"" I am willing to reconsider)
  9. Going to do the Skippy myself. Would like to find time to do some Star Mazda but I only have 3 or 4 races in that car so may well give it a miss. Hope to see you guys on track.
  10. Gonna do the indycar season. It kicks off in indianapolis if im correct
  11. Just going to do RD Mx5 and anything to try to get my D licence.
  12. Skippys

    Nuff said :D
  13. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    As Onno said trucks are easy and fun and popular, downfdaal to the popular thing is i did med my share of pricks with the truck, i find the nation wide crowd more fun to play with some how. Nation wide is a bit of a hog to drive though.

    So to start stay with truck's and try to be on races early in the mornings or late as those time usually the nicest drivers are out there.
  14. Mayday, mayday, houston we have a problem...

    I love the F1
    I love the Star Mazda
    I like the Riley, it gets a +1 for even though it's not open wheel
    I like the Skip
    The Lotus and I are really getting to know each other <---- possible proposal coming soon
    The Corvette hates me no matter how much I take it to dinner and the movies

    If I race all of these I'm gonna need to borrow someones couch due to my wife will go on a man hunt and kill me...lol...
  15. hehe :)
    Try to focus on just one car... two max
    Personnally, switching between cars does not help me being stable in any of them...
  16. Grand AM - Riley
    proto MC - Vette
    new mx5/jetta - mx5

    As a huge fan of F1 i had high hopes for f1 last season, but never put the time in to get quick enough. Hopefully i can get over that hump this season.
  17. Main focus will be the Skip and Class C Trucks. Planning a few Mustang and Grand Am starts and always like to jump in the Late Model for a quick race every now and than.
  18. i dont know what to expect from my first season at iracing. i'm in D class in oval and road so i'll probably just be in the Skip ,MX5and the late model. i've a few things to buy aswell as i'll need to get a years subscription. is there any other cars i should get ?(if i have the funds)