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What do people think of their team mates?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what teams people are driving for now and what they think of their team mates because im driving with force india at the moment and sutil is my team mate and lets be honest he blows

    Sometimes he is ok but on 18 out of the 19 races he sucks honestly i cant wait to start driving for a decent team so i can have a decent team mate and can be in contention for the constructors chapionship
  2. Yea at HRT (Senna) and Sauber (DLR) they were crap, Pedro only got 9 points all season. Just started my 3rd season now with McLaren (beat Lewis in title race) and in Bahrain FP1 he was 3rd so it looks promising.
  3. Damn your lucky man so they dropped jenson for you that was nice of them lol
  4. lol yea, but at the end of the season I will not have enough rep to stay with them I guess so Ill move down to renault or williams if they offer me a contract :)
  5. That kinda sucks but at least you get to drive with a top tier team for a season though
  6. yeah my first season with lotus trulli didnt finish higher than 17th while i was winning races. so has anyone ever been beaten by their team mate? or does the game just make them bad so its easier for you?
  7. for you people who think your teammate sucks while you're in HRT or lotus or virgin...think again about realism. they simply don't get top 10 to get points for the team, and should finish around the back of the field. the fact that you're winning races or trying to win WDC or WCC in your first season is very unrealistic and you might find the game very boring in later seasons, so you want to up the difficulty a bit. there is no fun winning races when you're expected to finish 18th..
  8. I haven't spoken to Trulli since I joined Lotus. I am faster than him and he seems to have problems as he has failed to finish 3 out of 5 races. I am not expecting to speak to Trulli for the rest of the season. However, if Jarno reads this then feel free to contact me - especially if you need help with your setups.

  9. yeah max difficulty. fuel and tyre sim both on. manual sequential gearbox. you won't be winning for lotus that easily
  10. Max difficulty and I finished 5th and 3rd. Completely unrealistic. Currently having a ton of trouble getting my car set up right in Malaysia and Jarno is crapping all over me.

    Don't mind Jarno but now when he's out preforming me I want to rip his throat out, steal his set up and make it work better than he can.
  11. playing on pro and winning is kind of a let down in my eyes but theres only one more difficulty after pro so pros high enough for me thanks
  12. no. they are as fast as they're supposed to be with the cars they have. if you're easily beating your teammate, you should raise the difficulty level. the right level would be the one in which you and your teammate are at the same pace, sometimes you're some tenths slower, sometimes you're some tenths faster, but no more than that. you're definitely not supposed to be world champion with a lotus.

    unfortunately, a.i. pace is so absurdly inconsistent between different tracks that finding this sweet spot in this game is impossible.
  13. I play on hardest setting possible and my teamate (Senna) is on par with me. Lets be honest, im in a HRT and we are near the back of the field where we belong.

    I just started my 5th season.
    1st at Virgin, 2nd driving a Ferrari, 3rd a RBR, 4th Mclaren and now I'm back to RBR again.
    All my partners just sucked. Alonso was the only one that got some podiums (5, or 6, if I remember) and just 2 second places.
    Webber was the worst, he didnt reached 100 points.
    Now that I'm back to RBR, Webber made a 2nd place at Qualifying (Bahrain), let's see what's going on.
  15. I think that's just because i complained.
    Bahrain: 1st to me, 4th for him.
    Melbourne: 1st to me, 2nd for him.
    Kuala Lumpur: 1st to me, 2nd for him.
    Shanghai: 1st to me, 2nd to for him. (three in a row, wow!)
    Barcelona: 1st to me, 13th for him. (he got a puncture but he was at 3rd)
    Monaco: 1st to me, 2nd for him. (fourth in six races)
  16. first in monaco and spain?? are you playing in legend with all assist off? if not, you really should, or you're gonna get bored as hell.
  17. yeah too right man bored out of your mind
  18. I'm glad that I came across this thread. You guys make some valuable points about how to truly set the difficulty of the game. I've been racing for Lotus and I've been dominating Trulli in everything. I think it's time to step it up to legend and see how that goes. My only issue is that I use my xbox joystick for the f1 pc game. I can't up much of the settings since it's difficult keeping turns consistent and not jolty.
  19. Consistently beating Kobayashi, but, in the last two races he has glitched and not pitted during the whole race. Along with all of the other 'backmarkers'. This really annoyed me especially having Senna ahead of me and Kobayashi got some points because of this.
  20. Jarno Trulli is a total mong, he held me up when I was lapping him in Malaysia and I dropped a place and he made me spin. I was all set for a points finish until I got a puncture on the final lap half way around. Ended up 16th :(