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What car should I practice with for multiplayer races?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Sk3ptik0n, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I joined a league for F1 2011. I am in the Ferrari team, but the problem is that if I practice with a Ferrari I have a feeling that my setup work has little bearing on the actual car I end up racing in multiplayer. Naturally we have it setup to "equal car" and indeed my lap times are consistently a couple of seconds slower in multiplayer than they are in practice or even in single player GP races.

    What's the best way to practice with the actual car I'll be racing ratherthan the ferrari?

    Do I have to start an online game just for me? it seems silly.

    Thank you
  2. The "baseline" stats are from the Red Bull. But each car handles different due to different wheel bases and car length. So if you don't drive the Red Bull, I guess an online session is the only "real" match of conditions.
  3. a good way i have found is get your basic set up sorted in GP mode driving the Red Bull. then set up an online room for quali and 3 laps and fine tune your set up there in the actual car you will be using.
  4. Good to know it's the RB. And yes, I will go online and finetune the setup there.

    Is it me or since the patch there is a bit less grip? I didn't use to drive 11/11, btw. Actually is more like the prime tires are not as sticky as they used to be. Maybe it's my setups that are screwed up now.

  5. best car for gp mode practice is ferrari ,not red bull,but after patch you cant really make a setup in a gp mode,it dosent work online at all enymore,so practice online,in gp mode you only can make gears work ok,exmp,you adjust your gears like that so you dont have understeer in corners