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What bugs you the most about this game?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by glight, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. I thought it would be useful to have a thread where we get to vent our frustrations in a friendly/humorous manner :cool: :wink:

    Raced Budapest today and qualified 6th (sweet) but dropped to 9th in the first lap. After a slight skid on the 1st corner around lap 10 I dropped to 12th and held that until it was time to pit. Now I know enough about the game to not listen to Rob when he tells you to pit and opted to stay out for 3 more laps. But that didn't matter and dropped to 18th after my pit stop, some focused driving landed me in 16th at the checkered flag.

    The AI was having putting in crazy fast times! (The first blue flag I saw was around lap 16) And I know there is nothing fun about being blue flagged but when Rob tells you to slow down he should say "Blue flag, Pull over and stop the car" because the AI takes FOREVER to pass you. What is worse is the game tends to wave the blues way too early and you are in for a penalty unless you slow down even though Fernando is no where near you.

    Rob really gets on my nerves too, always going on about how alonso is pitting. Or how Rosberg is going to pit in 3 laps, only to change his mind 2 laps later and say that Rosberg is going to pit in 5 laps. Rob needs to go back to primary school and learn math again. He keeps forgetting to tell me I am about to run out of fuel in practice too, I think he has a grudge.

    And I know I can shut him up I am just having a laugh thank you :wink:
  2. I pretty much ignore the race engineer. Most of the time when he babbles on about something, what he talks about is usually wrong. I just came out of a race in Montreal. Looks like it was crashfest for many of the drivers as only 6 of 24 cars finished the race. Race winner Mark Webber was insanely fast. He passed me on lap 59 of 70 and proceeded to drive like he was possessed gaining several seconds per lap on me. But what was really insane was that soon after Webber passed me my engineer said "Looks like there is slower traffic in front of you. You should come in and pit to avoid them". When that was total crap.

    1) The traffic in front of me was race leader Mark Webber.
    2) Webber was several seconds a lap faster than I was.
    3) I had already stopped on lap 24 putting primes on after starting with options.

    Oh I find I don't need to wait three laps after my pit stop strategy. If I am starting on options (depends where I qualify as to what tires I start on) I usually bump the number up one from the recommended strategy and then either stop on that lap or add one more (it is possible I am not effect as much with the pit stop issues since I do 100% length races). The problem I see a lot of is that I am still in the crappy HRT car and on many tracks I can keep the AI cars behind me from passing me, but if they get in front of me they have a quicker pace (it really depends on the track, but this seems to be the norm for most tracks). So often a train of cars is behind me. If I stay out too long they pass me when I am in the pits because their pace was quicker after they stopped. It is all about my pace versus the pace of the AI. Similar thing if I start on primes and am on a long stop strategy. I have to watch my competition and pit soon after they pit and then drive like hell until the end of the race if I have options on in order to make up for the train of cars that passed me while I pitted.

    There is just so much that is wrong with this game. But I still have fun driving the cars, so I come back for more punishment after each race. :rolleyes:
  3. I will try pitting just 1 lap after Rob says so. Sounds like we are both suffering from crappy cars, but that should be expected from your 1st season!

    I guess in a way I (we) enjoy Rob's blabbering...
  4. I had a similar experience in Hungary, the AI's race pace was as quick if not quicker than their Q pace so I ended 14th from starting 6th.

    Rob made me laugh when I was driving for Ferrari and would keep saying, 'Ferrari are preparing for a pit stop, one of their drivers is coming in'. I would kinda hope I knew when I was stopping so a pointless message from him :)

    I also chuckle when he moans for having a bad Q or R if you just miss out on your objective, but then your position is in the points so he congratulates you for a great session straight after. Make your mind up Rob!
  5. In Spain, the AI are not only way too fast but there is also a bug into the pits that pi..ed me off.
    What ever the speed and the time I brake for my stop, they always say that I brake to late and I loose a lot of time in the pits.
    I didn't have this problem before Spain and I don't know
    about it for the next race in Monaco yet.

  6. There is a mod to fix the AI going too fast at Catalunya cant remember if you're on PC or not though...
    I remember that race was making my blood boil but not so much after I found that mod. I usually brake about a half to one car length away from the pit box, I might waste a little time doing that but at least Rob does not whine and I get out of the pits quicker.
  7. i have a problem with the fuel in multiplayer races. at the 50% race in valencia, there is not enough fuel when i drive with manual shifting. do you know about this problem?
  8. I hate when there is an AI driver right behind you when you are entering the pits, it's a tight turn on the pit road, they take it unrealistically quickly, your car ghosts, and they drive right through you. This has been happening frequently in practice sessions at Budapest.
  9. Agreed ... if you happen to occupy the pit entry space before another car it should not be allowed to pass you.
  10. I find it annoying how I wanted to love the game when it came out and really disliked it as it was, which really disappointed me, then tried a few mod's and then started to mod it and now love it because it is starting to get better :D it is a love, hate relationship !
  11. So I got seriously frustrated with today's race in S.Korea. I started in 2nd and managed to get in front of Vettel in the 1st corner, only to be passed by Fernando near the end of the 1st lap. I maintained 2nd as I watched Fernando disappear but dropped to 3rd after a slight spin in S2 on lap 5 or so (the corner just before the double apex). I stayed in 3rd by the skin of my teeth until I pitted 1 lap early for primes; out of the pits I was 23rd but jumped back to 17th while passing the pit lane. The next lap I got another bump up to 15th and was able to pass Barichello into 14th the next lap. After some hard driving I managed to get bumped to 10th place after passing the drivers who started on primes (presumably).

    Everything was going great until lap 49 where the girlfriend decided to have a chat and I screwed up the 1st corner in S3 really bad spinning and losing the Front Wing. I was forced to pit which put me in 15th but I clawed my way back to 13th for the checkered flag. There was quite a lot of swearing after I spun out though!
  12. Once I finally got the game running after several weeks of frustration, having bought it in the Xmas Steam sale, the thing that most bugs me so far is that it is far too easy to improve on real life lap times with all aids off... at least in time trial mode.

    The F1 calendar has a broad range of curcuit types (Monaco to Monza), yet lap times have no real meaning because the range of setup options offered to us do not drastically alter the car behavior. A vast majority of circuits can be driven with very low wing settings (<5 at front, 1 or 2 rear), when surely the scale of 11 should be a necessity, making it possible to undercut real life laptimes by more than five seconds.

    Perhaps my complaint is not relevent to online or career, both of which I've only tried these last few days while on holiday from work, where I noticed at Spa last night for example in a 20% race (fuel and tyre wear having effect)... I really struggled to make a 1min50sec lap, while that same setup in TT was giving me 1min45sec.
  13. TT mode is arcade like. Car has all available upgrades, 100% grip, no fuel sim. The track is constantly at optimum with no evolution and you can use this arena to prove your setups and learn tracks on a level playing field lap after lap after lap. Apart from assists, car choice, setup and driving skill are the only variables for this mode, and therefore its nothing like career mode or many of the online races you will encounter where you will always be slower and the factors affecting your driving are more like real life.
  14. Traction control and TT :)
  15. What bugs me the most is when I get 60 laps into a 71 lap race when all of a sudden the game crashes on me (I am a PC user). It is not like it happens all the time, but it has happened enough. All I can do is step back from the computer for a few moments, calm down and have another crack at the race and hope I can get through all 71 laps the next time.
  16. Pit bugs arr!
  17. Lol what bugs me most about this game? all of it! xD

    Despite the fact i do still enjoying playing this game, there are too many things wrong with it to list.

    Most frustrating things:

    1. AI times scripted, inconsistant and unrealistic (Canada you can win on expert with your eyes closed, Catalunya you need to flog the arse of the car just make it into the top 10)

    2. Getting blocked on qualifying laps (especially on tracks like monaco, every lap is interruped.) AI cars are even still coming out of the pits when there less than a a minute until the end of the session, whats the point in that!? they wouldnt have time to get a lap in even if the times wernt scripted. Ive said since day 1, that AI cars should be goasted. Some AI cars even attempt to overtake you when your on a qualfying lap, even if they have just come out the pits, or if they have just let you through, they then start chasing you! What the f**k is that about!?

    3. Penalties still inconsistant, and it annoys me that AI drivers dont get penalties, especially as sometimes it is genuinely their fault. (the turn 5 hairpin at Catalunya is a hotspot for AI unfair driving, where they come down the inside of you and knock your back end to spin you. That just takes the piss!

    4. AI cars not suffering from fuel effect, or tyre wear.

    5. Damaged AI cars still driving at "full racing speed".

    6. AI car speed is determind on their track position, NOT on what car/driver it is.

    Here is an example:- Mark Webber is 1st doing 1.20.000 per lap, Bruno Senna is 20th doing 1.25.000 per lap. Mark webber, and the next 19 cars come in for pit stops, Bruno in 20th decides to keep going, and overtakes them while they are coming out of the pits. Bruno is now 1st, albeit yet to stop, HOWEVER, now that Bruno is 1st, he will start producing the same laptimes Mark Webber was doing when he was 1st. Bruno will now start lapping at 1.20.000, 5 seconds faster than his previous times, and be the fastest person on the track. This is surely the most stupid programming flaw in this game!

    There are many more, but i cant be arsed to go on...
  18. Lets hope they deal with all these issues in F1 2011. Another frustrating thing is the difficulty of changing to wet weather tyres half way through a race. I know it can be done but the engineer should use his artificial intelligence or at least an easier way to change like in the pause menu or something.

  19. I just started playing F1 on xbox. Love the game, love the setup threads - they really help. Frustrated as heck in the pit lane though. Don't know if it just because it's the first season in career & I'm in a virgin but no mater how far up I get in the first few laps, I come out of the pits in alomst last position every time no mater which lap I pit on. How can I enter the pits in the top 5 & loose it all before I can get back out onto the track. I see the other cars go into the pits, but they dont seem to stop for very long. Anyone have any pitting tricks or do I just have to suffer until I move up the ladder.
  20. Er...i dunno. Since the Patch came through i thought the pit lane charicterists was one of the only decent things that codemasters managed to sort out, you have downloaded the patch havent you? Also if you have manual pit control, you need to break yourself or you will run past your pit box and need to be pushed back (this is stupid because in reality the pit crew would just move to where your car stopped...), and if you have a damaged front wing that will take roughly 2-3 seconds extra on your laptime to replace. It goes without saying, but its generally better to pit a lap earlier or later than the other cars (although they dont all pit the same lap either, but most do), this will avoid the mad rush and prevent you from getting held up. (Since the patch ive noticed alot less getting held up in the pitbox for passing cars, and ive even been fortunate enough to pass other cars as a result of them being held in their pitbox, so the pit lane area of the game is one thing that i could commend codemasters on (although much other stuff still stands against them)