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What are the best car/track/ai settings combos?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by kamackeris, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    I need some inspiration. What do you guys enjoy? I really want to enjoy the flat 6 but I'm getting fed up of getting tapped by the ai into spins (I know it's probably my driving but I just cannot save this car when I start spinning). Cheers in advance!
  2. One of my favorite combos is Clio Cup at Oregon Raceway Park. I use 50% aggression and set the difficulty so I can hang with the leaders, but not necessarily win. Typically run a practice session and compare lap times, then in & out while I adjust AI difficulty. Always make the AI qualify, but sometimes I qualify and sometimes I just start at the back.

    For the ISI-only material, I started keeping records in Nov 2015 since I was offline. Now that I'm back online, at least sometimes, I haven't been so intent on keeping the records. You can see where I got to... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ih5ONsr4EAR309yPncvqy9XGy5-T4Od41ntH66hH5KA/edit?usp=sharing

    I enjoyed the Apex GT3 for a bit, trying to get decent setups, then got back online with historic F3s (F3 Fanatics and F3 Rookies) and BT20 (TGP has an open series that I'm late entering).
  3. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    thanks man will give this a try
  4. When the Flat-6 gets the CPM upgrade you should have a better feel/indication when your tires start breaking loose! The Flat-6 and Ferrari Challenge are still two of my favorites with the Ferrari already using the CPM though not the DF capabilites like the Flat-6 uses which makes it a different type of beast.
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  5. I experience the flat 6 mod to be very fun but easy enough to go race practically anywhere. I have had no problems at all catching slides or handling AI anywhere.

    The new updated megane though I think behaves very strange in that regard. I didnt play around much with it though, just a couple laps.
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  6. Peevee88

    Premium Member

    Try the Megane 1.02 at Sebring 2.02 or Mid Ohio 2.02
    Very cool!
  7. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    I'm actually really enjoying the flat6 again... Had a fantastic race at sochi with them yesterday... Wonderful
  8. MarcG

    Premium Member

    GT-R at Bathurst is my current fave and has been for a while now (in fact most things at Bathurst are a winner in my book!). Throw in a Corvette & Flat6 and have yourself a mini Enduro, works a treat.
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  9. Hi. I just took a look at your google sheet and noticed something. Does the "AI uses my aero" etc mean that you can give the AI your setup options?

    Apologies if this is an obvious question but i'm fairly new to this.

  10. Yes, you can assign each AI a setup on each track.
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