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What apps do you guys run on your display ?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LAR555, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. With a big variety of things to get your desktop full I was just wondering which ones are the most important/usefull to have when racing or lapping times.
  2. William Wester

    William Wester

    I only use the FFB level app occasionally, otherwise nothing. I don't like seeing anything other than what I would see IRL (dash, windscreen). I use DashmeterPro for monitoring everything else.
  3. Helicorsa , ptracker,spotter app
  4. A chat app, pedals, the basic information bar (speed, laptime, fuel, etc.), odometer. I use the corner names app sometimes when I'm learning a new track (I think it's called 'track description'?)
  5. Bazooka_Joe

    Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst. Premium

    On screen - none. All info is hidden including default apps. It's distracting me a lot, especially when trying to drive consistently. When I'm driving I don't want to think about that 1/10th lost on the corner for the rest of the lap for example that's affecting my clear mind for upcoming corners. Off-screen I'm using ptracker only. That's it :)
  6. Terra21


    Delta app
    OV1 info
    Corner names
    Rsr timing
    Admin tools
  7. Edward Mowinckel

    Edward Mowinckel
    Call me Ed. Edward is okay, too. Premium

    When I start out on a new track I usually have a track map and ideal racing line, but after I get more comfortable with the track I take off the line, then later the map.

    I know the "ideal racing line" is seldom ideal for the car you're driving, but it gives me the confidence I need to open the throttle sooner, and get on the brakes later. When I take it off, that's when I start finding my ideal lines. It's all about making me feel good!

    I also used to use AC Helmet Visor, though I modified the original textures. I stopped using it once 64-bit made Real Head Motion not work. Anyone know if Real Head Motion will be coming back as 64-bit?
  8. Real head motion works in 32 bit , No major advantage of using 64 bit if you need real head motion
  9. FFB/Pedals app and often a solitary gear indicator with no other data for cars that lack a digital dash because I don't have an H shifter for those cars that use them.

    Everything else is either invisible but active like RSR or is used during replay analysis only. Sometimes later on in a session where I'm working on my lap times I bring up the delta bar app so I can know exactly where I'm losing or gaining time. I'm however not good enough a driver to be able to use it often without psyching myself out.