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What about the setups? Post patch!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Georgios Apostolopoulos, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, as the physics have changed i believe that we must edit our setups too! What do you say about that? Did you play the game after the patch and you saw that everything was ok with your previous setups or you understood that now they must change according to new physics! I dont talk only about suspensions but and about wings, gears, anti roll bars, etc! I hope you help me!
    Monza is a good example because it's the track in which i saw the difference, pre-patch i had my best time using wings to 6-6, now i went to 2-2 to make faster time than 6-6 wings!

    I hope they changed the physics because it was stupid to run 6-6 for a track like Monza and for all the others tracks to be at 11-11 wings, i am talking about myself because for the most tracks i used 11-11 wings because with these wings i was much faster!

    Do you know if they will reset the leaderboards in PS3?
  2. On my side.. I'm riding in Montreal.. and i'm not able to reach my ghost.. something changed for sure.. i was doing 1.07.250 and now.. i'm 1.09 apprx..with same settings.. had to work to get to my bestlap..

    my 2 cents..
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Just start from scratch. New physics new setups :)
  4. Im on ps3; for me post patch the grip levels seem to be more towards that of 2010. I will be tinkering with all my setups to be sure. As far as lap times go mine are slower with the same setups from pre patch. I'm sure I will be changing a few things on all my setups now.
  5. I cant use the same setup to get a descent time in my career so yeah it have changed a bit :)
  6. leaderboards will be resetted .and the wing was also one of the '11-11' bugs . id look at track info in game , there it says whether to use high,low ,medium , or medium-high downforce.also with springs now, id go with mechanical bias( stiffer front ,softer rear springs ) and ARB (stiffer rear,softer front (IRL its reversed but no big problem)) for better tracton
  7. Alright, very nice pointer, but... For us (read: me personaly) who hasn´t played F1 2010, what is the grip differance between 2010 and 2011?
    Just so i don´t start working in wrong direction in set-up.... as i suspect i already did. tryed it earlyer and laptimes are worse with each change. A bit confused atm...
  8. in f12011 there was too much , in 2010 a bit too low grip.now no more hyper grip and no too low grip(except rain),which is a postitive thing
  9. Alright, thx budd