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Welshman looking for a Drive

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Hello i am Ron Squire and i am looking for a drive in the World Series or Trophy, if you need a Main Driver or Test/Reserve Driver i am the man for the job and i am welsh too so that is special for me to get on the scene so get in contact with me on: r.j.s.3@hotmail.com
  2. I just read that with a scottish accent in my head, am i weird?
  3. Thank you everyone but i have decided which team i am going to be in and as of last night Revolution Motorsport has added me to their team as a Reserve Driver if Scott or Antonio is not on track i will be there to take their place depending on their Driver Allocations so as far as i am concerned this thread is done thank you again for your interests
  4. and Ville i dont think its being weird reading my first post in a Scottish Accent
  5. Apart from the Fact that i am driving for Revolution Motorsport for my debut Hungary in Four-Five Weeks time I need a Serious Challenge when i leave the Team by the End of this Year so from this moment my options are now open again and this Time on a Main Drive in WS or WT Thank You for those interested and many Thanks to the Team that devoloped me into driving more Seriously but I need more Competition so Thank you again for having me on your team
  6. So if any Team in the WT or the Lower Field part of the WS has a offer i am more than willing to take your offer if you have a spare seat just contact me on Facebook (Ron Squire III) Twitter (@ronsquire95) Hotmail ( r.j.s.3@hotmail.com)
  7. Found a new team in the form of Nemesis Racing as a main driver so after hungary i will leave Revolution Motorsport as a test driver to test my new teams car ready for germany in 2 months time
  8. from then i will be 2nd driver