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Well, I tried...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Frankantz, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I just can't get into this. The game is insanely hard and there are weird things going on with the AI. I so much preferred the Championship Edition, even if the graphics here are better.
    I finish last all of the time, Settings are on easy peasy, all driver assists turned on, in a Lotus with tyre and fuel sim turned off. All I want to do is finish in the middle of the field but the game seems to have been made for people with a formula 1 car set up in their living room. FFS I can't see how people are coming first in a Lotus in legend! Its just too buggy, and too stupidily difficult.

    The replays suck and AI is ludicrous.

    Codemasters just lost another customer I'm afraid.
  2. You have given up too easily. Im no expert racer at all and race with nearly all the assists on (do have a momo racing wheel though). The Lotus is not a great car at all and choosing the default setups you are going to struggle big time (I know I did).

    Pick a default setup, do a few laps, then start to play with the gear ratios to start with, they can make a huge difference and are the easiest setting to tweek to get them set correctly for someone who knows very little. Set the top gear so that you are at max revs in 7th gear at the end of the main straight and adjust everything from there. Generally speaking turn everything down to the lowest gear ratio for each gear isnt a bad place to start with the Lotus.

    Keep the racing line turned on all the time and learn to follow it closely , especially at entry and exit of corners. For a demo to my 9 year old stepson as to how important the racing line is I did a few laps of Singapore following the racing line. Then I did a lap getting just two of the slow corners wrong. Just those 2 corners cost me 4 seconds on a lap. 9 y/o step son gets it now how important that racing line is.

    Give it time, practice, drive smoothly, do not 'saw' on the steering wheel.
  3. Practice makes perfect, its very important. driving this game is fairly easy compared to the hardcore sims, but the AI in F1 2010 are tough, they are fast. The lotus is one of the slowest cars on the grid and in real life they aim for 18th position, or to be "the best of the new teams". The 3 new teams are far behind the others, almost like a different league.

    Most of us that are playing it on expert have had experience with more hardcore sims where we practiced and honed our skills, coming to F1 2010 to find that driving the car is alot easier (tho by no means easy, when on the limit, if you want to compete in a lotus).

    With that said, on the tracks that im not confident with (and even ones i already knew) i had to spend lap after lap learning the course, being much much slower than the AI slowest cars, and going off the track a lot. eventually you map the track in your brain, braking points (using the distance boards, trees, anything as a guidance), you work out which gear to take which corner, what line to try to take, how early can you go on the throttle.

    Learning the track to the point where you know it well is the most important part if you want to be able to compete, thats what the practice sessions are for.

    Just give it a chance.
  4. Haha, me too Frankantz :)

    But don't quit, practice and practice, read guide and apply some car setup from this forum, your skill will be improved =))

    3 days ago, I completed 1 Bahrain lap in 2:16 in Easy mode
    2 days ago, I completed 1 Bahrain lap in 2:10 in Easy mode
    1 days ago, I completed 1 Bahrain lap in 2:07 in Easy mode
    and now, I complete 1 Bahrain lap in 2:05 in Easy mode

    I am not good racing gamer, but in the short time, I will complete 1 Bahrain in 2:03, the life is beautiful =))
  5. Just because something is hard, doesn't mean we should give up on it.
    I'm sure that statement applies to other things as well don't you agree?

    anyway, I love the challenge, love this game.
  6. it´s really about practice. My brother played the game for 2 days. He set up everything on expert, no AIDS.
    In Barrhain he put the car (HRT !!!! even worse than Lotus) on 7th possition on the grid with a 1:58:0 laptime. So he´s "complaining" about the AI being to easy.
    But then he is also competing (like me) in FSR World Trophy (rFactor league) and therefore used to drive a sim that is much harder to drive than F1 2010.
    So it´s all about practice I think. F1 2010 is rather easy to drive compared to the other sims.
  7. You must be a very bad driver.

    I havent played a driving game since F1 Challenge (nearly 10 years ago), but after two days I put my crappy Lotus on Pole in Spa on Expert level with no aids.

    But some people just cant drive no matter how much time they spend...

  8. If it was easy it wouldn't be fun to master, like anything else.

    A good way to get better is the Time Trials in the outside paddock. Follow a ghost that is about half a second faster than you. Spend as many hours and days on the same track as you can.
  9. i'm like you frankantz. i'm with virgin and i'm always about 4 seconds behind de grassi in practice and quals and just get nowhere near anyone, once i make a small mistake i'm chasing everyone in a slow car.
    i don't normally play racing games but love F1 so gonna keep on practising cause i really want to get good at this game but for now i'd be happy just to be able to compete for a place in the late teens. this game will be amazing when codies bring this new patch out. i play with brake and gear assists on does anyone know if this slows u down at all and would i improve my times if i have them off?
  10. braking assist defo slows you down i played with it on at first to get used to where to brake and where to put power down but it is much better with it off you can brake later and power out quicker. frankantz you defo shouldnt give up on the game it is all about practice im not the best driver either so i make the most out of the 3 practise sessions using up as much time putting in laps as possible and even then i sometimes qualy 8th 9th 10th its all about getting a driving style that suits you and practice practice practice keep trying sooner or later it will pay off and when it does its great
  11. Manual gears will make you faster most likely, as being in the right gear at the right time is very important, automatic won't always give you that. Though it may take time to learn to use manual gears its worth it if you want to be fast.

    An example is... you're turning into a corner and automatic puts you in 3rd, you're understeering and miss the apex. If you were in 2nd gear you may not have had the same issue. Or the opposite can be that auto puts you in 2nd, when you only needed to be in 3rd and you lose speed as a result.

    Brake assist should not slow you down but i'm not sure, i know that it is not needed though as the brakes almost never lock up for me with it off, traction control i hear makes you faster, turning off tyre/fuel sim makes you faster.
  12. Turning off fuel sim makes a huge difference. I couldn't do much better than high teens until I turrned that off and now I can get in the top 6 with a Virgin.
  13. There is always a game of chess :)
  14. Ok...I'll keep at it. Just initial frustration. Thanks all.

    I've turned off brake assist (at least 2 seconds a lap faster) and got myself a steering wheel. Makes a huge amount of difference. But ultimately its about learning the tracks. Its just that I thought I knew the tracks from Championship Edition. I'm getting better slowly. Sometimes you can concentrate too much on the assists like driving line and forget about simply driving the car instinctively.
  15. I was in the exact same spot as you. This is also something to be said for setup, some of the quick setups are ok but my lap times greatly improved with tweaking on the car.
  16. Or "GO" ( chinese chess :p ) much better ;)
  17. What's so bad about AIDS? Doesn't your brother want AIDS?
  18. I also like the driving lines but it truly does handicap you IMO. You focus more on the line right in front of you rather than looking down the road where you probably should be focusing. I've started to keep the driving line only on the breaking spots and that's more for helping me judge the apex more than anything. Don't worry it'll come to you if you keep trying.
  19. turn all aids off there not helping you at all you need to teach your self how to do its the only way.

    as for the driving line turn it of the best way to learn a track is to go round it a slow speed and keep getting faster lap by lap after about 10 laps you know what you are doing thats how it is done in real racing and the thing is the racing line on this game and many others is wrong for most i make my own round some turns and i am over 1 sec faster then when i do what the game wants you will master it i can drive about 150 tracks around the world and know the gear i want were to stop and were to power up could do from about the age of 5 you just have to really want it and the talent will come

    just look at the fsr boys there like rocket men lol but they all would have been were you are now

    hope this helps
  20. +1, absotulely learn the tracks, you have to if you want to be in the pace, but don't use the green line, it kills the immersion and it's not fun.

    brake assist is a no no. it makes you way slower (it's not the same as abs, bigbazz) and kills all the fun, it's not you driving anymore.

    abs and tc are ok, it's difficult to start without them if you're not into racing games and don't know how to properly dose the pedals input, especially if you're playing with a joystick or a wheel without good pedals.

    manual shifting is the way to go. it's difficult in the start, but you get used to it. it feels much more like driving a car when you control the shifting, and it is faster too.

    turn off tire and fuel sim to handicap you (they make a huge difference in car performance). the game will be very very easy against the easiest ai with these settings, you just have to learn the tracks.