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Weird brake calibration issue?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Paul Hamwa, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I've noticed something odd for a while now

    My brake pedal calibrates perfect in-game under "Settings" to where the tiniest brake pressure up to the full pressure shows up, 0-100%, the whole range is there.

    When I'm in a car on track, the red bar for the brake pressure read-out seems to be using some other calibration as it applies a dead zone and after the dead zone the minimum brake pressure starts at around 15-20%. Not very sensitive and making it hard to try and trail brake. Anyone know why this is or if this is normal?
  2. this also happen to me every time I start the game but after some full "pumps" on brake and accelerator pedals all returns correct
    hope it helps
  3. I noticed that too the other day. I thought it was taking me time to adapt to the Vintage brakes, or that maybe tires were too cold, but hitting the three pedals to the metal once, made them recalibrate and have proper sensitivity.
  4. Uff


    Every time you launch netKar Pro and you load a track you should do a full brake/throttle pedal pression and turn your steering wheel from one side to the other. This is because you will allow the software (and Windows) to know the min and the max. It's a normal operation that should always be done: to me, this happens in rFactor too. If I push the brake as soon as I exit pitlane I will likely block wheels.
  5. Great, thanks for the input.:)

    I went ahead and fully pressed both pedals. I still have the problem however. I'm wondering if this is really a problem or if this is just the way Netkar calibrates once you're in-car. In general my gas, brake, and steering work over the whole range it's only the brakes that have this weird dead zone and minimum pressure. I've made two screen shots to demonstrate.

    In the settings windows the tiniest touch to the brake pedal will show 1%, in-car the significantly more pressure is required to get this minimum reading (green arrow)
    Capture2.jpg Capture1.JPG

    -I forgot to mention I have a load cell brake, but I can't see how that would matter?
  6. It depends on the hardware and drivers, but it's strange since the G25 (the wheel I use) already moves itself through all the steering range when it's first plugged.
    Have any of you experienced this brake sensitivity/calibration problem in previous versions of nKpro? I don't simrace much, but I don't ever recall having had to press pedals to the metal ever before.
    It could also be some update on the G25 drivers...
  7. It happens to me too (G25) - I usualy pump all pedals and exit pitlane. Most of the time this is enough, but somtimes I have to race perhaps a ½ lap then return to pitlane and the brake works like a charm...
  8. After you pump the pedals can you get a very minimal amount of braking, like in my screenshot of the settings windows, 1%?
  9. No that is not somthing I have seen. I do have the blocking brakes problem when starting from pitlane...
  10. I'm very pleased to say I got a really nice response to my question from Stefano himself (Kunos) who explained to me the following which specifically pertains to those with load cell brakes.

    So basically if I understood right the brakes in their current configuration in Netkar are non-linear, and this would explain why they react differently for those who use a load cell brake (CST or Fanatec for example) as opposed to a potentiometer brake (G25,G27 etc).

    In any case the brakes work ok for me at the moment and it's not a huge problem, but it's good to know this will be a future setting in the final version.

    Thanks to Stefano for this information. :)