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Weekly Race Night

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by WayneSnr, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Ok guys, I went on PC yesterday and Lord, did I have some fantastic racing with some lads last night. Unfortunately I had no way to speak with them or add them to my freinds list. Therefore i have made a thread on my own website at http://GamezBox.ie looking to start a weekly event for racing. I am also hoping that I am not offending anyone by posting here or linking to the following thread.

    Link here :

    I did enquire in a previous thread if there were any events so hopefully people wont mind me starting this thread.

    PS. Anyone saw Walken around ?. Please let him know I am looking for him hehe :) .

    Many thanks
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  2. rkh


    VERY COOL! I am actually looking to step it up even more. I used to be part of an F1 league. What a blast that was. They had a dedicated server ($10 a month each racer), 50+ members of which 20 were actively driving. Perfect for the 10 team, 2 car scenario. We used rFactor. Amazing, the possibilities you have with rFactor.

    They took it very seriously, realism was the most important thing. No riding aids, etc. Basically, whatever setting simulates as close to life as possible, that's what we went with. 100% realism.

    We always simulated the current F1 season in real life and raced every 2 weeks. In between servers are available so one can test, etc. Just so cool.

    To determine the cockpits, an extensive test run on 4 different tracks would determine who is best, etc. and that's how the cars were assigned. So, i.e. if you basically finished 1st overall in all 4 test stints, you would get to chose a top team. And then go down the line according to ability. Man, unreal how fun that was. It fell apart after 8 seasons, but for that time, it was sheer bliss. Great community, great times on weekends, etc. Just to imagine doing this with MotoGP....wow!! Problem is, I am sure many will confirm, the lack of MotoGP 14 players, correct?


    1. PC

    2. MotoGP 14

    3. Teamspeak for players to talk to each other live

    4. a dedicated server
  3. rkh


    @Wayne Do you think a similar scenario could be worked out for MotoGP?
  4. Well we had leagues running from a website called XboxliveAddicts in the past and on GamezBox.ie . Back then XboxLiveAddicts were the official forum for Capcom and THQ's MotoGP franchise until Milestone took it over.

    The leagues were run weekly and we would all meet up in the lobby and race. The thing is though that you could speak over xboxlive and as such there was no need for dedicated servers.

    The only thing we can hope for really is that more people will see this thread and register interest. We could arrange teamspeak perhaps and discuss further on how to proceed once we/if more sign up. Just because I may have posted the thread also on my own site is neither here nor there. We can arrange all this through Race department forums which may in fact be easier for people to deal with. Fingers crossed. I shall be checking back this thread regularly.
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