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Mods Weather Improvements - Sweden 1.02

Realistic color lovers

  1. ojciecmajster submitted a new resource:

    Alternative Afternoon Cloudy wheater in Sweden - Realistic color lovers

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  2. ojciecmajster updated Weather Improvements - Sweden with a new update entry:

    Weather Improvements Sweden 1_01

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  3. I maby have missed some info, but is it to much to ask, if you could make some pics to compare the original to your mod? Would be real nice if you could make that?

    Anyway, your mod looks real nice and realistic.
  4. It is really neccesery? I would have each stage compare to orginal one, because each stage have different sky texture. You can compare screens from mod with this:
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  5. That was for I have little time to compare but I will.. :) anyway, just looking at your pics tells me that your mod is very realistic to a real afternoon in Sweden.
  6. Iv tried this mod now.... And wow, just awesome work man!
    This is truly spot on! Im amazed over this great realistic looking mod!
    You have some truly great skills!

    GREAT WORK! Keep it coming! :)

    soo great!
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  8. My earlier "problem" was due to a bad download. All your files works like a sharm! Great!
  9. how about a clear blue sky ??

    would like that in a sunny day in sweden :)
  10. My game freezes and closes when I load the track, any solutions for this?
  11. Never happens for me. Can u tell me at wich the route and at wich weather that happens? I`ll check that.
  12. Have driven sweden stages,all of them many times with this mod. Never been a problem at all.. not in swe, not anywere
  13. I get some flickering in the horizon ... i think its Lysevik / Hamra ... right after a long hairpin left..

    the place where the hairpin has spectators standing on the snow on the outside and you thereafter continue past a few houses downhill ...

    at first i thought it was lightning - but i guess it's a matter of render-distance or texture swapping..
  14. Advanced blending is off right??
  15. yeah
  16. Please give me precisely track and weather. Than I`ll correct that. Screenshot would be nice
  17. HAMRA, midday sunny..

    right after the place depicted on the stage-image ingame
  18. i checked. This is not a bug. I saw on horizon apper a mountain. Draw distance in this place is too short and around the bend draw mountain. It is more visible, because sky texture in my mod is darker than original. I can fix that when i find better sky texture. Thx for reply.


    if it bothers you very much, just replace this texture on orginal one: