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WC Highlights situation

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Scott Woodwiss, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. OK, I didn't really want to have to post this, but after getting no response from those who are closest associated with the highlights, I feel I have to say something.

    I would like clarification on where we stand with the situation regarding the WC highlights videos. I have sent Johannes the material for Germany and have tried sending the same for Hungary but to no avail. I am ready and willing to put together the script and recordings for both Valencia and Monza, but I need to know if we're going to get back on track with these. I acknowledge that I have been a little busy in real life with work and other commitments and I put my hands up and apologize if at times I have been a little slack. I know it's the same with everyone else, we all have a life outside sim racing.

    However, after both messaging Johannes on here and also on Skype several times and getting no response (most of the time due to the fact that Johannes hasn't been online), I'm starting to wonder what else to do. I know Johannes is around, he still posts in the FSR forums here. All I'm asking for is just some clarification on what's going on and where we stand.

    I would very much like to get these videos back on track ASAP, as it is great to see the finished product despite it being hard work having to sift through the whole server replay to find events worth covering. But I just need to know what's happening first.
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  2. We want highlights :D
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  3. When I saw thread's name I was ready to bet 100$ it's Ron. Yes, I hope to see these highlights soon.
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  4. I think we need people who are willing and able to help us out, as Johannes has said to me that he simply hasn't been around nor had time to put them together recently. In fact, he's told me the Germany highlights are only half finished, which I can understand if he's been busy.

    If anyone's willing to lend some of their spare time to help with the highlights videos so we can get these going again, then please do let me or Johannes know.
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  5. Count me in
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  6. Focus in the WT highlights...
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  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Although, he cannot work with the WC Highlights now either. :(
  8. for now