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WC drivers competing in WT?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tume, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Tume

    The unlucky Finn



    But in all seriousness I have nothing against him, but the case itself. Imagine any WC driver participating for a WT race once...
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  2. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    The WT rules suplement states "Drivers are not allowed to move down from WS to WT without providing reasonable evidence of their relative pace to the series Race Director", but there is nothing written about "WC->WT".

    At the same time, in the WS Rules suplement article 1.1 states: "The World Series category is just one step away from the World Championship and offers the drivers to gain the necessary experience before stepping up to FSRs highest class"

    So it's clear that only drivers who are provided reasonable evidence of their back of pace in WC could be allowed to participate in WT, even if WC is not explicitely mentined in the WT rules suplement, as WS is considered an "step away" of WC.
  3. Javier, Godek started the season in WS, then he jumped into WC, qualifying 5th in Canada.

    If so, probably next season we are going to see WC drivers in WT..
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  4. Guys we are not a big team and Zipoli have not time for races. Me I am in WS and i can't do it, Michael Francesconi is the same situation. Other drivers are all in WT already, following the rules Godek is the only one can be in Zipoli seat. Why I should not do it? Godek was not too interested also to be in WT but I talk with him trying to make interest of my team and he was fair with me doing this race.
    I see nothing bad in this, also in the other seasons it always happens.
  5. Godek has driven 4 races in WS this year, this of course means that it's up to the WT Race Director to approve him driving in WT. Considering his pace and the fact that timezones don't seem to limit his driving in other series, if it was up to me I'd definitely not allow it.

    The last time this type of stuff happened was in 2008/2009.
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  6. No problem for me, nut should be good if we know this before the race..

  7. Erm Mikko,What happend then with Brljak last year ? :D He had pace for top5 WC and he was doing WT lol :D He lapped evryone in Monaco :D I dont see why Godek shouldn't be allowed to take part in WT as WS time doesn't suit for him :)

  8. Petar started the season in WT. Thats the difference.
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  9. so what I should do now?
  10. Well as the rules state you have to ask permission from the series director (for WT that is Mallorqui). Only if permission is granted he may drive.