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Watch for screen burn in...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by ohiohobbyF1, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Hello, i'm new to this forum and the game...just completed my 1st season with Lotus. I've had the game a little over a week. Yesterday I noticed the game tach on the lower right hand corner still visible after I shut the system off. I run 50% race durations so the game is running about an hour with prac and qual. Is there a way to change the tach location on the screen or the style? I'm kinda pissed considering my plasma is only 3 months old. Any suggestions? The driving view I prefer is the camera above the helmet. I like this game a lot but am hesitant starting my 2nd season. Thanks

    Oh my setup is ps3 with panasonic.
  2. shouldnt happen nowadays no matter how long you run it for....i have and lcd and have done 100% races with no problems....i would take it back...
  3. You don't all that on the screen! Drivers don't see that!! :) Just saying....
  4. Kev, you have an lcd, OhiohobbyF1 has a plasma. I own also a plasma and this can indeed be a problem.
  5. Just be aware that residual image / image retention is not quite the same as burn-in. If it goes away eventually then it's not permanent damage, and you should be safe to play (as far as I know).

    On second thought, maybe you should wait for better advice...
  6. Yes, like dont have the OSD showing at all. Everything you need is on your wheel.
  7. Seems you are right...it appears it is residual. But can I remove the tach image on the screen?
  8. It dont show on mine and I do full race weekends. thats Full practice, Full Quali and Full race.

    I have an HP w2207 and its 3 years old now and still looks as fresh as the day I got it.
  9. plasma screens were notorious for that but screen burn should not be an issue with tvs seeing as how much they cost these days thats madness if you ask me i have an led tv and image burn is not an issue but it shouldn't be an issue for any telly IMO
  10. Lcd, or LCD led tv's dont have burn in problems at all to be honest, maybe only the very early ones a few years ago.
    Plasma though is a very different story, up untill this day u have to watch out for burn ins on plasma tv's. They did improve a little over the years but as Lcd is cheaper to make etc they didnt invest as much money and time in research of plasma. Hence why most brands dont sell plasma anymore, or atleast dont make any new models.
  11. LCDs don't "Burn In" Plasmas can. Plasmas 2 or 3 years ago came out with technology that moves "stagnant" images so that burn-in is nearly eliminated. Check that you have this system turned on or check your warranty. This is the major drawback of plasmas and projection tvs. Aside from the heat generated, this is why they are less expensive (still a great picture though). While an LCD has no burn-in, it takes a lot of technology and hardware to create the same picture that a plasma produces, this is why they are more expensive. I'm waiting for OLED.