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Warwick Farm v1.1

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Andrew Evans, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. ======================
    warwick farm gtre v1.1

    version history

    2009-04-04 1.1 small update
    2009-01-17 1.0 initial release

    1.1 notes

    reinstated missing mountain backdrop

    added rain reflections

    1.0 notes

    this is a direct port of Der Dumeklemmers GTL version of the track which itself was converted from the original rF scratch build by Profesor...

    major kudos to both guys for giving permission to allow this to happen! o7

    original readmes for both versions are included in this archive

    track is configured for 30 cars and has no known issues

    huge thanks to racedepartment.com for allowing me to test this and much love to the tugboats who came out to play!


    eeevans (evz.tracks@gmail.com)


  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    All Hail Flypig!

    This is a really nice track to drive firstly, but also a very good conversion. It was total hoot last night in the shakedown.

    Top work Evanso :good:
  3. what is needed to download this track?
    it's written that I don't have permission to do this
  4. it's still in the moderation queue on the download server.... try again later, matey....
  5. Eagerly waiting to try this.
  6. Thanks for your efforts to bring this one to us, we have so few Australian tracks for EVO, and Warwick Farm was a classic in it's time. I've always loved it in GTL, so now we can all enjoy it in EVO.
  7. this owns, thanks a lot, I've been waiting for it
  8. nice one eeevans :)
  9. small update, see top post for details...
  10. Woohoo, great to see this track getting more improvements, thanks Andrew.

    Now we just need to see some more events being scheduled there, it's a great track.
  11. it also has an updated MenuArt_Loading_WarrickFarm.TGA