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[Wanted] Settings for Thrustmaster F430 FFB

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by MG96SP99, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Hi guys

    Is anyone able to post his settings for this racing wheel? I've actually the problem I step on the pedals about 33% and not until then the pedal is reacting. How can I optimize this problem?

    Wheel settings:
    Steering dead zone: 5%
    Steering saturation: 0%
    Steering linearity: 0%
    Throttle dead zone: 0%
    Throttle saturation: 3%
    Break dead zone: 5%
    Break saturation: 75%

    I struggling with settings to get the best ride for me all the time. Steering isn't a problem, but brake and throttle ...
  2. I actually have throttle deadzone of 15%-18% and saturation 0. And i have all brake settings at 0
  3. Check to make sure that your throttle and brake pedals are calibrated correctly outside of the game.
  4. Ok, only setting break dead zone and saturation to 0% isn't a solution because its almost full breaking. Also to calibrate the wheel ...

    How can I do this best? Any special program? To see how the wheel reacts I used the Thrustmaster Control Panel.
  5. Try Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right Click your controller > Click Game Controller Settings > Click Properties > Click Settings Tab > Click Calibrate > Follow the Wizard.
  6. If I click on "Properties" there is no "Settings" tab. Only "Test Input" and "Test Forces" on Windows 7.
  7. Hmm okay. I don't use this wheel so I'm not really in a position to help. Does your wheel come with its own software? If so there's probably an option to calibrate in there.
  8. There isn't an option to calibrate through the thrustmaster driver software, you have to download a separate calibration program. I couldn't find it on the official site anywhere, but found it via Google
  9. Yes, one CD which contains Acrobat Reader, DirectX 9, Drivers (mine is the latest downloaded from homepage), User Manuel and an option to register for a newsletter. No opportunity to calibrate as far as I know.
  10. I dug up the user manual for your wheel. It says this under the FAQ:
    - The racing wheel and pedal set do not operate correctly, or calibration seems incorrect:
    Turn off your computer, disconnect your racing wheel entirely, reconnect all cables (using the power
    adapter and the pedal set), then restart your computer and launch your game again.
    If this fails to solve the problem, download the manual calibration software Thrustmaster Calibration Tool
    v1.03, available here: http://ts.thrustmaster.com.

    Do you have a calibrate function under the Test Input tab mentioned earlier?
  11. @ Jonathan Rowland and Chris Brand

    I've found the calibration tool for Thrustmasters (about 3.01 MB) and reset settings to recalibrate. It's much better so braking isn't a emergency stop. I use wheel settings of post #2. Just after I stepping on the break pedal and its slightly breaking. The dead zone between a step on braking and really braking is much closer than before.

    Unfortunately there was or there isn't an option to calibrate the wheel in the "Test Input".

    Thanks a lot! :)
  12. Glad we could help!
  13. Hi again

    By the way an other question at all Thrustmaster F430 FFB users: How do you fixate the pedals? My pedal set stands on carpet and if I brake the pedal set is wobbling. A special sitting posture is uncomfortable. Is anyone using the 2 threaded holes on back? I think a big wooden board is slipping on carpet. Maybe one can stabilize it with the desk or attach some rubber coating.

    What do you think?
  14. I have mine under my desk, against the wall, with a chunk of wood between the two so they aren't too far under the desk to reach them. Works for me
  15. I've just got this wheel and I'm also having similar problems with the brake and accelerator, i feel i have to push the accelerator down about 50% before any revs start!

    I've installed the drivers from the CD, however i have not calibrated the pedals, can not find this option, even in the properties of the wheel i could not find the calibration option?

    will downloading this... "v1.03, available here: http://ts.thrustmaster.com." possibly solve my problem?
  16. They are self calibrating everytime you boot the wheel up, that's why it moves left to right on its own. I posted a bit about steering you were asking about in the league thread, and a little bit about pedals. You will need the seperate calibration tool for maunual calibration, the program mentioned before in this thread somewhere will do the job.

    if you've got anymore questions though, just send me a pm and I'll try and help you as much as i can :)
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  17. I have this wheel and recommend all who have it to get the calibration tool linked to in an above post.

    The wheel is good but does need a little help just to get it perfect.

    As for my settings Im not yet playing 2013 but in all the others I have 0% everywhere except brakes where I keep it at 3% (I hover my foot over the brake at all times and get paranoid about tit) and the steering linearity I keep to 100% so that the amount I turn the wheel is the same as I see while in the cockpit. At 0% I can't drive without spinning everywhere.
  18. when parked up and i turn my wheel, both on 0% and 100% the steering wheel on screen turns the same amount on both settings.... but they both feel different when driving, i've gone back to 0%
  19. I'm having problems with the force feedback with this wheel. I've even turned down all the force feedback settings to 10-20% and still it just seems ridiculously strong. Where can I edit the settings off the game?
  20. In the settings, go to driving controls, then one of those menus, the one under advanced wheel settings i think, (can't remember the name of it without booting the game up) will allow you to set feedback strength, environmental effects and wheel weight.