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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ebrich, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. ebrich


  2. There is different file system used by RX and original RBR format.
    Wallaby is a free program for trackbuilders created by Wally, the founder of Czech RBR plugin. The rule is that if you want to use it, you need to ask him for permission. Nobody will share it, because every trackbuilder promises him not to do this. The problem is that Wally disapeared and nobody has conctact with him since couple months... Official trackbuilders registered by Wally can also use online shadow generating service and they can reserve numbers for new tracks they work on.
    Wallaby program allows to export files to original RBR format. There are so few tools to edit (move, delete objects etc.), but there you add driveline, animations, moveables, tapes and different types of collisions. And you make materials there and export a file with ground collisions/physics from there. As far as I know, there is no other exporter which can allow this.
    File system used by Wallaby is DirectX. It's still not 100% the same as factory tracks - DirectX can use one (diffuse) layer, while original game used four - diffuse, specular, blending and shadows. In new tracks you can't use water splash nor original snow physics (snow banks).
    Wally is a genius and he managed to add shadows to new tracks :)
  3. ebrich


    Thankyou for the info Martinez. Yes I read about the shadow adding and from what little else I've read, genius is almost an understatement! and to share it - great. Puts a little more confidence back in humanity.Along with Brendon and Dave Noonan, where would we be without them. So I will try and get in touch - if thats possible.
  4. Note that even if you reach wally, if your work doesn't match his standards as "good track builder" you won't get the tool.Don't forget hes
    against all this low detail tracks on racedepartment.His elitist view point created the big split betwen Rx plugin and turnament Plugin.
    Instead of them working together, there was a big clash betwen him and Blackhole motorsports.Especially Eddyspain(who crated a lot
    of cars, but wally didn't like it because they were converted from CMR) and the original creator of the RX plugin(wallys work bases
    on this original directx plugin) without it, we would have no addon tracks.

    Not trying to throw mud, all I am saying is if your track isnt high detail(czech and bergheim track) don't bother contacting him.

    Edit:And FYI "Black f" is the genius.
  5. ebrich


    Thanks for the warning razortec. Even though I registered I couldn't even find a Post to forum tag so I dont hold much hope of getting in touch unless of course Wally can read my mind. Got plenty of other things to do and learn in track building anyway.
  6. It's good thing then that this guy is not in this community. I can stand those elitists that won't share info, knowledge or tools... There are lots of those to be found.. They hold new discoveries well after they've used them on their tracks. I'm not expecting everyone to start creating tutorials but when asked politely they are just laughing among themselves and calling others noobs.. Some took it personally when BTB came out to allow more inexperienced builders to start creating, they would've gladly held their status as "geniuses". Fortunately, we don't have any of these here. And we are getting those last bits of info one way or another..
  7. ebrich


    Talk about reading minds. Kennett, you can do it too - you took the words out of my mouth!;)
  8. Personally, Im glad there's a program out there like BTB....
    It allows people as "Noob-ulant" as myself with absolutely minimal PC knowledge like myself to build tracks that I, currently in my non road-licensed state, can still get out & get my fill without having to run the risk of getting into more trouble while I try to learn new skills to become good enough at it to be able to finally present back to you guys (you absolute legends, in my book!) to eventually enjoy as I do/have done/will again!
    Sorry for being slightly off topic, but....
    How awesome IS BTB?
    Thank you Piddy for sharing with the rest of us something that could've been kept to yourself!
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