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Wall texture resolution/size and filter

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Cloudheaven, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Hi to all!
    For my track I'm creating a part of the background with a simple image.
    When I import the .dds into BTB, by Xpacker, I mount the texture on a wall,
    I see that the texture (with alpha level) is so much pixelated that i can't use it!
    The texture size is 2048*256, and I would like to keep that resolution for the high details of the image.
    How i can reproduce the image without the pixelated effect?

    Thanks so much!:redface:
  2. Screenshots would help us to see what the problem is.
  3. For background scenery images 256px height is just too small, there's absolutely no detail that can be preserved in that scale. It works (somewhat) if blurred heavily but like i said, no details. If it's 256px wide, the background image repeating pattern will occur so either way, too low resolution. 2048x1024 would be more suitable, modern GFX cards usually have a lot of texture memory to spare..I wouldn't be afraid to use even more HQ images in the scenery, like 4096x2048px. There are a lot of tracks that have saved memoryspace in my opinion in the wrong places, like in background scenery (i think 09JopsSiffert Evo conversion has the most awful background image resolution ever, shame as it is very good track....)

    But this is guesswork, a visual (screenshot) is essential when describing visual problems, like resolutions..
  4. They have to be pretty far away to use 256px, just think how small 256x256 box would be at ingame resolution. I've used that size too, i had very small section to cover at the end of long alley, there the low resolution worked almost better than HQ. It made the heavily streched image appear to be farther away but it was happy coincidence. The screencap once again would solve us guessing what the image is for.
  5. Or has 1-bit alpha instead of interpolated.. This is becoming a game, guess what is the problem..