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VWSR S4: Final Round - Montreal

Discussion in 'RD World Series by Renault' started by Xavier de Carvalho, May 28, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the final round of the VWSR Clio Cup Season 4!

    Please find the information for this round below:
    Fuel Usage: Normal
    Tyre Usage: Normal
    Mechanical Failures: Time Scaled
    Parc Fermé : Yes
    Damage: 100%
    Time Scale: Normal
    Flag Rules: Black Only
    Weather: Dry
    Assists: Auto-Clutch, ABS (Off/Low)
    Session + Briefing Info:
    This race will include 5 sessions. Before the race, there will be a MANDATORY briefing on Teamspeak. Each driver is obligated to be present there. Not being present during the briefing is reason for removal from the league.

    Drivers are not required to, but are recommended to, stay on Teamspeak once the briefing is over.

    Briefing information
    Formation lap:

    • Drivers must proceed on to the formation lap and stay in a SINGLE FILE order until after the red zone.
    • Drivers may not exceed 150km/h.
    • No weaving allowed.
    • Causing an incident on the formation lap will = No Qualifying in the next round.
    • Do not follow the car ahead too closely, give yourself no less than 2 car lengths of space between yourself and the driver ahead.
    • Do not make any sudden maneuvers!
    • Drivers may not overtake on the formation lap.
    • The race will begin for you once YOU have crossed the start/finish line.
    Yellow Zone:
    • The yellow zone will be explained further during the drivers briefing.
    • The yellow zone is only in effect during lap 1 of the race.
    • The yellow zone for this round begins at the start/finish and ends after turn 2.
    • Drivers may overtake in the yellow zone, but only under extreme caution!
    • Any incidents caused in the yellow zone will be met with a penalty.
    Red Zone:
    • The Red zone will be explained further during the drivers briefing.
    • The Red zone is only in effect during lap 1 of the race.
    • There is no Red Zone for this round.
    • Drivers may NOT overtake in the Red zone!
    • Drivers must proceed through the Red zone in SINGLE FILE order.
    • Any incidents caused in the Red zone will be met with a penalty.
    Start Procedure:
    • Drivers will follow the car in front by no less than 2 car lengths on the formation lap.
    • Once the leader is on the main straight, he will dictate the pace up until the start/finish line.
    • The race begins for you once the Green lights go out.
    • Mind the rules about the red & yellow zones.

    NOTE: Under no circumstances may any driver intentionally exploit the circuit boundaries, i.e. Cutting corners, having an intentional off track excursion, or deliberately run wide in order to gain time/position. Anyone caught doing this will be met with a severe penalty and in extreme cases, exclusion from the rest of the series. The circuit boundaries are defined by the outer most white lines of the circuit, with exception of the apexes/curbing.

    Server password: Click here

    Session Info
    5 - 10 minutes starts at 17:50 GMT
    Practice: 30 minutes starts at 18:00 GMT
    Qualification (SuperPole): 20 minutes starts at 18:30 GMT
    Warmup 1: 10 minutes starts at 18:50 GMT
    Race 1: Based on time (maximum allowed time is 15 minutes) starts at 19:00 GMT
    Warmup 2: 10 minutes starts at 19:20 GMT
    Race 2: Based on time (maximum allowed time is 25 minutes) starts at 19:30 GMT (Top 10 are reversed).

    Please note: Parc Ferme settings will apply! Various setup options will be locked after your first timed lap in qualifying. Parc Ferme rules can be found in the League Information Thread.

    This is the most important part of the briefing drivers need to understand! Since your application to drive the in league was accepted, we expect you to be present during the races for this round, unless you provide an absence report with a valid excuse to the staff. If you happen to miss out on the event and go missing in action afterwards without giving any notice the race staff reserve the rights to terminate your licensed member status on RaceDeparment.

    NOTE: All absence reports must be filled out in the ABSENCE REPORTS THREAD!

    For all other information, please go here: General Information

    Make sure you have read and understood the RD League Regualtions here.
    Note some rules may differ for this series so please read through the general information thread so that you are totally clear on the rules and regulations!

    MOD & SKINS UPDATE: Download upon server login

    - VWSR Clio Cup 2015 Car: Download

    - Croft v1.0 : Download
    - Poznan v1.0: Download
    - Mid-Ohio v2.01: Download
    - Hockenheim Ring v1.1: Download
    - Magny Cours GP v1.1: Download
    - Montreal 2013 v1.0: Download

    - Server Vmod: Download upon server login

    Team Name: MadCape Racing
    Jimi Hughes

    Team Name: RD Racing

    Team Name: MC Racing
    Christian Michel
    Simon Christmann

    Team Name: Free Racing
    Teddy Buch

    Team Name: RedShift Racing
    Yuri Kasdorp

    Team Name: Doreamon Racing
    James Maskell
    Stefan Woudenberg

    Team Name: Old Dutchman
    Franklin Stegerlink

    Team Name: TriRed Racing
    April Dillon

    Apex Racing:
    Conrad Venter
    John Broadmeadow


    Pedro Gomes
    Jonathan Menendez
    Joao Fernandes
    Phil Shillitoe
    Steven Andrew
    Andreas Palsson
    Andreas Oehrlich
    Manuel Caratozzolo
    Tapio Rinneaho
    Pedro Gomes
    Niranjan Kumar



    Sky Willis



    Rui Martins
    Xavier Poirel
    Gijs van Elderen
    Frederic Schornstein

    Teams & Drivers who have not been placed on the immediate list will hold a place on the reserves list. A Team or Driver may move up from the Reserves list if a Team or Driver on the immediate list becomes inactive, is banned, or is unable to participate in an event.
  2. Niranjan

    Simracing is my antidepressant Premium Member

    Does any one know how to prevent rFactor 2 crashing to desktop and screen freezes ?? ... should I change any of the graphics options ?? or is it just a bug ??..thank you !
  3. TTupsi

    Premium Member

    HAve you tried running it in windowed mode?
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  4. Niranjan

    Simracing is my antidepressant Premium Member

    no , im running triple screens , is it possible to run windowed mode in triples ?? ... it dosent crash everytime, but sometimes it does :(
  5. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    Sad to know this is the last round and just looking for some solid finishes and beating @John Broadmeadow :D I only have on request, can someone else please take 10th place in race 1 this week. I've had it every week since joining the league which meant starting on pole for every race 2. It's unnecessary pressure!!! And I can't take another week of John laughing his backside off at me.
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  6. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe
    Premium Member

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  7. Sky

    Premium Member

    oh. i'm excluded.

    well, have a good race everyone!
  8. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

    I might be a little late today, but I'm trying to make it at least for quali
  9. Bul Knaters

    Bul Knaters
    Apex Racing UK

    Thank you so much for the season guys, competitors and organisers alike:thumbsup:. Now, could you please hurry up and do the next season cause I only just finished our skin and figured out how to get into the game. :roflmao: Don't mind the name on it, I just changed one of the skins on the ISI Clio.
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  10. Not the greatest of seasons for me in terms of results, but quite possibly some of the greatest, hard fought, close battles I have had in 11 years of virtual racing. Every round someone to defend, someone at my side and someone to attack, Bravo RD and thanks all for the competition and fun, and I am proud I had zero incidents chalked up against me, I might not be the quickest but I think I proved my competance as a sim racer. ;)
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  11. Niranjan

    Simracing is my antidepressant Premium Member

    My second race in RD and the final race of the season started out as a complete disaster ! .. I crashed in quali session and was unable to set a time, and started from dead last.... after which everything would be a uphill struggle on this narrow track.
    in Race 1 I was battling with John Broadmeadow for a few laps , then all of a sudden found my self in a big pack of cars all fighting for position with April Dillon , Phil Shillitoe and co and then it happened , there was a huge pie up in front of me and nothing I could do to avoid it, but fortunately I was least affected and gained quite a few places but my car had sustained damage and my pace dropped and I finished 14th.
    Race 2 started steady and i made up a few places and i found myself running as high as 6th and it all felt similar to the previous race as i had Andreas Oehrlich and James Maskell for company !! just then there was a huge Lag and suddenly i found my car behind the two , which was confusing and frustrating, but these technical problems always seem to occur. and also i had no rhythm in both the races, i don't know why. i was just struggling to focus.

    Finally Thanks to RD for hosting and Broadcasting the races and all the racers for all the great and clean racing !! :) .. hopefully i wil be back for another season, maybe a full season !! ... and my little wish is that we have a RWD car like a megane trophy maybe or anything RWD pretty pleaasee ;) see you soon
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  12. Have to say that the last couple of Races really weren't like they should have been, a lot of unfair and dumb driving. People rely too often on the other (in this case me) to put back on the overtake, if i would have gone for it several times the last couple of races there would have been huge crashes. And that has nothing to do with the pace, that's just lack of experience in Racing and a mind thing to push too hard even if there is no chance.

    To Montreal...messed up the Qualifying by an error cause of my brakes were too warm.

    Race 1 good start as always and i were right up to p12 from P14. Started to fight my way towards the front and well then i got turned around by Manuel. After that i rejoined the Action and went again some Positions up, three Guys in front of me decided to spin actually at the same time so i had another incident which i couldn't evade.

    Race 2 start awesome again starting from P15 i were in P11 after two Corners and well yeah then that mess up the front happened and caught me again. Car damaged, race done.

    To be honest i didn't really cared about Montreal as i knew Frederic won't be there and even if, it was only one Point so i did like 5 Laps before yesterday. Was nice to see that my Pace was actually Top3 contending. But overall the stuff posted at the beginning are my thoughts, doens't really motivate to get moved out of the way several times in an unnecessary way.
    Im happy that this Season is over after the last couple of Races as they were no fun for me at all.

    Thanks for the Organisation even if Xavier missed like the last 3 Races, the others did the Job pretty good.

    Nice Broadcast, especially in the last Race the Picture Quality was nice. Maybe you Guys could sync it a bit better as the Stream is always a bit delayed to the Sound of the other Guy. Another thing to improve at the Broadcast could be do review incident from the 2nd commentator while the other goes with the race action.
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  13. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    Had a quick look at the replay and it seems like I could have kept P3 in the championship.
    All in all I am pretty happy I was rubbish in the old Clio and never thought I would be in such a good position. The only gripe is, that I didnt win a race especially at Croft where I was really strong, but when you know you cant win the championship by missing one round, you put priorityon other leauges.

    Maybe we can have like on drop event in the future as a lot of guys missed out on one or two races.

    Thanks to all the organizers and broadcasters. Was always a joy to rewatch the races.
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  14. Phew. It's finished. There's been a few fun battles along the way, but I'm glad this is over!

    My feelings on the car pretty much U-turned since Sebring. Back then, I figured problems like the front wear + temps was something I could fix with a combination of learning to drive differently and setup. Now I know that isn't the case at all. I only managed to save the fronts by easing up and slowing down, which isn't very helpful. So as of Hockenheim I'd basically given up on trying to get better with the car. I've run brake biases as far back as 50:50 to lock the rears in a straight line, hoping the flatspots would correct the balance, but even that didn't work and they'd still outlast the fronts (which seems absurd). It got to the point where it felt so bad to me that I actually didn't post a qualifying lap at Magny Cours, preferring to start last and crawl through T1 risk free. And then when it comes to actually racing, I'm constantly nervous the fronts are gonna give up and I'm gonna cause some huge smash. Thankfully I didn't cause anything remarkable, just got caught up in one or two things.

    It's been fun having some battles with people I've not really raced before, like Phil and Steven. And I was very impressed by what @Sky showed she was capable of. I just wish she'd been there in the last race, so I didn't have to fly the TriRed flag alone. As I've certainly never been the main driving force in this team. :p Don't think I scored more than a single digit in any race.

    Thanks for some fun races along the way, and good luck to those of you who stick around for next season. I'll probably be there watching the broadcasts. :)
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  15. A season with ups and a big down
    First the downside: I sadly missed the first three events :cry:
    Now the positives: I could race the last three events with all of you.
    The races here were so much fun and I had always very nice battles both at the end of the pack and at the front. Those fights were always hard but fair and such a crash like here in the second race at Montreal unfortunately happens but hey ... thats racing
    Thanks to the organisation and the great broadcasting team. Well done :thumbsup:
    I hope we all see us soon on a similar season here and hopefully I will participate on some more races. See you all ... Maybe this evening at LeMans :whistling:
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  16. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    Good way to end a miserable season for me. I always used to love the Clios but for whatever reason I cannot get my setup or driving style to work over a race distance on these tyres. Makes absolutely no sense as we are doing very short races in a low powered car, and having to mess around going steady in certain corners to keep the tyres alive just isn't what touring car racing should be about.

    There have been a couple of good races, throughout the season but my pace was never good enough to challenge for a win. My best asset in the past at RD has been consistency, finishing every race in the top 5 is key, but unfortunately my luck ran out on several occasions leading to some DNFs and finishing well down the order. For the first time ever in an RD league I had to miss a round, although I'm sure you will forgive me as I was racing at Oulton Park! :D

    But finally, luck was on my side in both races last night, P3 from P8 on the grid in both races was a good end to the championship for me.

    Big thank you to all the staff who put on the show, the organisation and broadcasts have been spot on! Congratulations to Christian for becoming the first back to back VWSR Champion.

    And one final thought... At Oulton Park I managed to get P3 and P2 in class and fastest lap on a set of tyres that have done 6 x 20 minute races and 3 x 20 minute qualifying sessions... So maybe for VWSR S5 we can use Yokohama A048s? :p
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  17. Ah Oulton Park, Coming soon to rF2 ;) @Jimi Hughes, My local circuit before I emigrated and I spent many many weekends down there, Never had the chance to drive it though, you are very lucky :thumbsup:
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  18. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    In the palatov release notes it was stated, that they have "sim" and "real" tires where the real tires have a lot less wear. I think the wear is higher than in reality, because you cant be forced to reuse your tires like in reality. I think they are close to the BTCC tires which in reality degrade quickly as well and are sensetive to the way you use them. On the other hand Michelin GT and LMP1 tires seem to be able to take an awful lot of punishment.
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  19. In the three rounds I participated I had allot of fun and some good and intense battle in the field, even managed to score four podiums including one win so I can only feel satisfied.

    I have to say the broadcast yesterday was top notch, well done guys.

    Well I can only talk about these three rounds I was in and it all went well from an organization point of view, even the people in the TS room are friendly and it's good to be there. For the next RF2 championship I will most certainly participate.

    Really wish I had joined this championship from the start, again thank you Gijs for puting me up for the membership and I'll say it was worth it as I fully intend to keep on racing here at RD.

    Now to prepare for Le Mans and my 5th race in one week!
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  20. TTupsi

    Premium Member

    In my opinion the season was too short, perhaps because it properly started for me in Magny-Cours after missing rounds 2-4. Big thanks for everyone involved, I had lost of fun on track and in TS :thumbsup:

    Last night I made a royal mess out of my qualifying lap again. I wasn't quite comfortable with the track at the beginning of the session and that showed with too cautious driving and then a big lock up coming into the hairpin. I lost about four tenths there and had to start from P11. In the following warm-up I actually improved my qualifying lap by over a second thanks to @Yuri pushing me down the straight :D

    Overtaking on this track was very hard and so I had to really push to get in a position to make passes. Christian was also attacking me fiercely in the starting laps which didn't help either. After Teddy and Christian spun I chased down Yuri and Andreas but could only overtake Yuri. Seventh place in finish wasn't anything spectacular but not bad either as it meant P4 starting position for race 2.

    Start for race 2 was good as I was already challenging for second place in turn 1. Manuel ran a bit wide and by turn 6 I had jumped Conrad too to take the lead. There was a big pile-up in the back which helped me get a comfortable lead immediately. It was much easier to drive in the lead than in the mid-pack as in R1. I could lap constantly around mid-1.56's which was more than enough to extend the gap to Jimi and Pedro. The leading position also made it possible to take clean lines and save my tires - I could've easily done another 30min stint with the set, they were in so good condition.

    I'm very happy with my performance in this championship. I had never won indiviadually a league race (not counting team events) and now I scored two wins and one third place finish in six races. Had I been there for the whole season I'm sure I would've had the chance to challenge @Christian Michel for the title. Congrats for the deserved champion!
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