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Vsync and freesync questions

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Ben Saylor, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I have a new R9 390 and Freesync monitor. However, the game seems to be much more "jerky" than with my old monitor and HD 7970 even though I can run it at a lock 75FPS. I have tried turning on Vsync through the game's config tool which just make the unplayable and setting an FPS max of 75 FPS in Rivatuner. Any advice how I can get this to run smoothly.
  2. You can cap the FPS in the game's options and I've never had any issues with it being jerky using that. I prefer 120 FPS myself.
  3. SOLO59


    All of your settings are correct?
    In game; turn off vsync, set fps to your monitors max refresh rate (in your case, 75fps).

    In AMD graphic settings; set fps to your monitors max refresh rate (make sure your refresh rate/fps is the same both in game and outside the game), turn off vsync, turn on freesync, turn on adaptive vsync (adaptive vsync is available in my nvidia graphic settings so i use it. I'm not sure if is available in amd graphic settings. But if it is then I'm not sure if you need it. If you have freesync monitor and compatible gpu then you do not need to enable vsync or cap your fps to a fixed setting. Freesync/gsync keeps your gameplay smooth).

    Monitor settings; turn on freesync, use displayport cable (if you're getting 75fps then i guess you are using one already), turn on game mode.

    I'm not an expert, just trying to help.
    I have a nvidia gtx 760 and a freesync monitor @75hz. In Automobilista get a stable 75fps with an ocasional small studder with mostly maxxed out graphics. But I still can imagine gameplay will be even another once I upgrade and convert to an AMD gpu.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2016
  4. I have capped the FPS at 120 with no luck and even capped at 75. I have locked the game's max FPS to 75 AND Radeon CCC to 75 and it is still "jerky". I know that freesync is working because I have no issues with it in Dirt Rally, GTA V, and the windmill demo. It is just the new graphics card and system have made my FPS feel so inconsistent.