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VSCC S2 | Round 4: Cascavel | 22 December 2013

Discussion in 'RD Stock Car Championship' started by Rupe Wilson, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member


    Practice: Server will be up all week for practice
    Server is up for testing
    : 19:30 GMT (20 minutes) parc ferme
    19:50 GMT (10 minutes)
    Race: 20:00 GMT 47 Laps ( this is a lap only race )
    Note: normal tire wear, normal fuel use

    Special notes for the race:
    This Race will be a standing start, Please take care and stick to your line, any driver who deviates from his line and causes a accident will be deemed at fault (if this happens in the red zone)
    the red zone will be reviewed by the admins automatically, we have introduced this so that every single driver takes care when the race starts, penalties will be severe!

    The start lights are on the left

    "2.2 In order to place some control over the possibility of first lap incidents we will consider the area between the “Start Line”, (including the your starting grid position), until the end of the designated RZ area marked on the track map included in each driver briefing to be “The Red Zone” where passing is to be conducted with extreme care. Should an incident occur because a driver chooses to pass in this “Red Zone” the driver making the pass will be held responsible for the incident.


    Server 1 name: RACEDEPARTMENT.COM VSCC 1
    Server password: click here
    Teamspeak password: click here
    Racing rules: click here (every driver must read this!)
    Skinpack: Click me
    Alternative: Click me

    Welcome to Cascavel

    As you exit the pits turn left and head for pit exit just over the brow, the pit speed is 60 kph there are two cones and a set of traffic lights to let you know when you can accelerate. But be careful on the downward slope.


    There is a wall on the outside waiting to snag your car before you even get out on track. you exit the pit after turn 1 and you must follow the white line to its end before you can think about pulling right to merge back into the racing line once your at race speed. Always look behind you before you do this please.!!

    As you approach the left hand bend there is a bit of a dip that can effect the car on the run up hill to the next right hand bend. You are going slightly uphill as you position your car to get the best line through this bend, if you have entered the previous corner to hot you will find yourself on the wrong side of the track for this corner so be aware of this. Most of the kurbs on the inside and out are stepped so this will unbalance the car and makes it easy to get the back loose.

    It a short blast to and right hand kink taken flat before a succession of left handers, keeping you line and speed here is very important to keep the flow going for a good lap time. The fencing to the right has the distance markers to the corner so even in traffic you know were you are in relation to the corner.

    Your still climbing up hill but the next left hander can catch you out its slower than it looks, but with it leading on to a long straight you want to hit this bend as fast as you can but not to fast that you run wide on the exit. there is no run off and a jagged kurb awaits for those who push to hard.

    As you exit the bend its down hill all the way. time for a boost you might think..
    If you get the corner right and exit it a a good speed it will feel like a boost over the guys that make a mess of it, so it could end up feeling like a boost even though you did not push the button

    You now on the fastest part of the track with pit entrance fast approaching, if you going to pit make your move to the left nice and early, there is a white line for pit entrance do not miss it. I don't want to see last seconds swerving across the track please. if you miss the white line you must do another lap.


    As you pass the pit entrance white line the track rises up again over a brow. From here you can see the last bend a left hander that brings you onto the pit straight.
    This corner can be very nasty, its paved with danger on the outside of the run off , there are 3 yellow sleepers that will send your car up in the air and give you serious damage. Do not run wide here or its game over, the kurbs are also jagged and can cause you to spin the rear wheel on the exit. This is probably the most dangerous part of the track. So please be careful here.!!!
    Watch out for the run off area it will kill your car

    As you pass the start line its downhill into the first bend. on the right hand side you will see the distance markers to the bend , this is really helpful to get you breaking point for this corner when it traffic.
    Its long and its fast keeping you line and speed it so important in this corner.
    On the first lap this will be in the RED ZONE so keep your line through here no waving around, if you on the outside keep to the outside, you cant expect to dive for the apex. the guys on the inside you cant run to wide on the exit. Give your fellow drivers the room they require and they will give it back.
    as you exit the corner the kurbs on the outside have grass outside them so do not run to wide.

    The red zone ends at the white line for pit exit line

    Pitting :
    As you enter the pits there is another nasty kink in the track right after the lights you should of slowed down to 60 kph but if you get it wrong you hit the wall and end up bouncing back on track so again please be careful here.
    Once again when pitting you could end up having to wait as a car might be in your pit box.
    Do not bash the car out of the way. I did ask this last time but a driver did not read the brief and did this. if you want to play bumper cars go to a fairground.

    The 60 kph zone starts here

    Cutting or running wide on the corner exits :
    Do not push your luck on this track the kurbs are not recommended
    No more that 2 wheel outside the white line please
    There are no exception to the normal rules for track limits See rule 6.1 found Here
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
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  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    For those who still have a problem when pitting, maybe this will help

    Pit stops:
    As some of you are new to the way Game Stock Car works with regards to pitstops, we thought it would be convenient to tell you guys how it works.
    Remember to request your pitstops whilst you are still driving. If you do not do this while on track, your crew will not be prepared and your pitstop will take longer than necessary. You can request a pitstop with the Pit Request button, which can be mapped in the controls menu. Once you have pressed your Pit Request button, a menu whil show up on the bottom right of the screen. You can navigate this with your LCD toggle keys. Up and down helps you scroll through the menu, Increase and Decrease changes the values.

    Let's say, you want to fuel up to 20 liters, press the Increase/Decrease buttons until you have the right value showing in your pit display. One thing to note with the fuel, is that the value shown in the display is what is going to be added during the pitstop, not what it will be fueled up to!

    Changing your tyres is something that is strategically very important, do I change all, or only two, meaning I gain a little bit of time in the pits, but maybe my pace on the track will be lacking compared to those that changed all their tyres. Very important to keep in mind when you are racing, as a good tyre strategy can win races!

    As we are not using the driver swap function in VSCC2, this button is of no importance in this league, but when someone joins your car as a spectator and presses the ''Passenger Select'' button, you are able to select his name, and when you make a pitstop, he will automatically take over control of the car. This function is mainly used in Endurance racing.

    Tyre pressure:
    So, you are driving in the race and think to yourself: this doesn't feel right, I have no grip at all. I need to change something to make the car handle better. What you can do, is change your tyre pressures during the pitstop. Note that you can also change your tyre pressure's, without actually changing the tyres

    By Lars Brugman
  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2013
  4. I'm back for this one :D

    How many spaces are left in Grid 1, will there even be a grid 2? Just wanna make sure I don't practice for no reason ;)

    Thanks mate.
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    @Dewald Nel
    You are in mate you did it all correctly in the absent report :thumbsup:

    We are just running one server and that's were you are :)
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  6. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    im just finalising the list of drivers for the server and will post ASAP
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  7. Muhaha! I'm gonna practice hard to get lapped only once :p
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  8. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    Ben Tuijn could drive this race.

    Its a friend of myself and Theo van den Brink.
    I hope he can take part at the last race.

    Good luck all tonight.
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    i'm sorry but the drivers list is closed, and its the final event in the league.
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  10. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    No stream :(
  11. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    It was for me a good race.

    But always in the race my car breaks out.
    I want to finish the race, but i lost my frontwing and must go into the pits.

    Almost 1 min standing still and when i drove out the pits also a drive thru.
    I decided to push esc.

    I am not lucky in this championship and i practise a lot.

    Tnx for the organisation RD.
  12. Excellent race this evening to top the championship off. I was constantly on edge with Dan Watson behind me as I knew any mistake would cost me a place, I managed to keep it all together and keep him behind. :D
    It's been my first championship and I'm already looking out for the next one!
    Thanks to all the organizers on RD and to all the participants that kept this championship entertaining.
    I would also like to congratulate Gaczella on the title!
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  13. Well that sucked. Couldnt focus in the beginning of the race and spun twice, on lap 2 and 3 I think. I was 20+ seconds behind the leaders now and surrounded by a lot of other drivers. I drove as quickly as I could and got into 5th towards the end of the 1st stint, still about 20 seconds behind the leaders. After my pitstop I noticed that I could catch both Jan and Davy ahead of me, maybe finishing on the podium if I managed:rolleyes: Just as I was thinking about that I made a very very stupid mistake, spinning into the grass and losing another 10 seconds. 15+ seconds behind Jan and 30 behind the leaders :( All hope was lost. I then had a great final 15 laps drive to the finish, gaining about 9 seconds on the leaders (they were probably cruising:p) and finishing in 5th place just behind Jan. I think I spent more time looking at the gaps than I did looking at the road :p Grats Adrian on the race win.
    Grats Emanuel on winning the league, and Adrian with 2nd (I think), and thanks RD for organizing the league, it was great fun:thumbsup:
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  14. Just after having completing the 1st lap, somebody side swiped my car very hard on the down hill and put me head-on into the left wall at top speed. My car popped up high into the air, then dropped down and came to a stop facing the wrong direction. Nobody waited :(

    Even with a 10% brake pedal deadzone, on Lap 20 my brake pedal started to give me serious problems. I wasn't fully aware of it until I was unable to get it into 6th gear on the long straight away. So I decided to pull into the pit and unplugged my wheel and plugged it back in and I kept tapping both pedals and prayed that everything would be okay. I started the race with a full tank of gas, so it was a quick pit-stop, just a few gallons in my tank and I pulled away. My car then seemed to drive better and I was able to get it into 6th gear without any problems. I watched the replay of laps 20,21 and noticed that my brake light was on most of the time. So that sucked. It's just a little embarrassing to drive down a straight away with your brake lights on, but I still had a good time. It was a fun race.

    I have been sick all week with a nasty chest cold, so I didn't practice at all. The last time I had driven was last Sunday's Londrina race. I can't even remember the last time I had driven Cascavel. I crawled out of bed and loaded up the game at 2:35 (NY time) and joined the server just in time to get a qualify time, but I had no idea how dizzy I was going to feel from the medicine I had taken earlier. As soon as I started to drive I was like, "Oh crap, I can't see straight". It was omg so difficult to drive. I was so dizzy, but by the time the race started I was feeling a bit better and I was able to focus.

    Besides the bad front end damage I endured from being wrecked out on lap 2 and winding up way in last place, I continued to hang in there and finish the race. I only spun out 1 time and got back on the track fast and kept going. I think I finished 15th. I don't remember.

    Congrats to Emanuel and Adrian and many thanks to Race Department :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2013
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You don't need to wait in a league, thats a gentleman rule from our clubs.

    League incidents are dealt with by submitting incident reports post-race.
  16. Thanks for explaining that Bram. I get the rules confused sometimes.

    I don't feel like being a tattle tail and submitting a report. Anybody can watch the replay of lap 2 and see what happened to me. It's not a big deal. But league race or not, I know that if I had done that to somebody - that I would have waited for them. Am I angry about it? No. It's all good. In the replay, the guy that caused the accident seems to purposely try to push the car in front of him out of his way - and in doing so - sent the car out of control and then that car smacked into me. I continued to watch the driver that caused the accident and noticed how throughout the race he purposely pushed other cars out of his way. This is not what I consider to be acceptable driving and in my own personal opinion - that person should not be allowed in any race, unless it is go-karts, lol.

    Anyway, sh*t happens. It's all good. The race wouldn't be as fun if there weren't a few crashes here and there. I just wish they would avoid hitting me, heh.
  17. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    whist i do feel for any driver that drives within the rules and something happens that is out side the official rules, its up to you the drivers to report any such incident please.
    Post Race Finger Pointing Is Not Allowed,

    This was posted Here

    In cases where the rules have been broken, it is up to the drivers (in conjunction with the staff) to report the violation. The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers.

    No incident report = no investigation = no penalty

    A report can be sent to the staff via private message to Marco Bijl or Rupe Wilson

    Incident reports must contain the following:
    1. Name of the league: V-SCC S2
    2. The name of the reported driver (the violator)
    3. A link to a youtube or vimeo movie/video file that shows the incident from various angles and perspectives.
    4. A short description of the incident, without rant, along with the timestamp.

    You must always send the report with your own forum account. You can only send a report if you were actually in the race. Reports from an outsider will be not be taken into account.
    After the report is sent and received, the staff will then investigate the incident. Incomplete reports will not be taken into consideration.

    Reports must be sent between 1-3 days after the finish of the race. No sooner and no later. Reports that come in early or late will not be considered.

    Finger pointing, as well as naming and shaming other competitors or staff will not be tolerated! A penalty of 5 championship points will be docked to the offending person, said person would also not be allowed to participate in qualifying for the next event.

    Now, the reason we have this is that i don't have time to look through the replays for a full race and look at every car to see if anything was done incorrectly,
    Ah you might say but it only takes a minute to look, yes that is true but if i do it for one, I then have to do it for all cars, there is no favouritism.

    Please bare in mind how long this would take, a race last 50 minutes, even on fast forward can you imagine how long this would take me to look at say 20 cars. maybe 5 hours or more,
    To be honest i have better things to do with my time.
    All you have to do is sent me i vid of the incident with the folowing

    Incident reports must contain the following:
    1. Name of the league: V-SCC S2
    2. The name of the reported driver (the violator)
    3. A link to a youtube or vimeo movie/video file that shows the incident from various angles and perspectives.
    4. A short description of the incident, without rant, along with the timestamp.

    And i will then post it in a staff section and our team of staff who are skilled in this type of incidents will evaluate it and do what needs to be done.

    So please follow our simple rules and we will do something about it. That is how simple it it,
    No incident report = no investigation = no penalty.

    once again im sorry if this harsh but that's how it is. You do your part, and i will do mine:)
  18. Hi, I think I am the one responsible for that incident in the first few meters of lap 2 :redface:
    I stood really close to the black car in front of me, probably touching him, when a bump in the road caused his car to lose balance. He had to turn left to get it back under control and that's when he hit you :(
    I feel really bad for this, during the heat of action I didn't realize how bad your crash was :(

    Aside from this, I had a really good time in the race with a few heated battles to finally settle for 9th place. At around 75% of the race I had caught up with "spain car" for 8th but pushing too hard got the best of me and I spun in the last turn of the track where I was planning to overtake him. At this point 3rd and 4th had a lap on me but I was so eager to catch up with 8th that I decided to continue fighting, causing a bit of unnecessary trouble to the people who were fighting a lap ahead of me :(

    I want to apologize if I was a pain to some faster drivers (I was in the Cyan car). Anyways congratulations to everyone and thanks to the organizers. I am very much looking forward to next season!
  19. Nice racing, mostly guys. Really appreciated the guys who were clean. Well done to the fast guys. One day when I'm big (like 80 years old) I want to drive like you :p

    First 5 or so laps slightly ruined by a certain mister, who knows who he is, who has no spatial consideration or judgement, and after consulting on TS, I was not the only one who was having a problem with him throughout the weekend - it was like a bumper car driver, especially at turn 3/4, where he was just right on my arse every time, and constantly bumping me wide by braking too late, so after about 3 times of this, and quite some damage, I let him through, so that I could at least try to finish the race safely. :cautious:

    Anyway, after that, it was quite fun, catching some guys, passing some others on the side of the road etc. Tried to pit without changing tires, got at the pit, Guus was in my pit box for some reason, weird as he isn't my teammate or anything - cost me about 8 or 9 seconds.

    Pitted, no new tires, but I learnt the hard way that these tires don't mean anything after turning yellow :sick: started drifing wider and wider more and more, until eventually the mountains on the outside of turn 1 made me its *female dog*.

    Flipped the car on its nose, back on the wheels, and tried to point the right way on track, but in order to do it before other cars came onto the main straight, dumbass me was too enthusiastic, and smashed my nose straight into the wall. Race over. :rolleyes:

    Nobody to blame. But I'm getting better at these tintops, still too used to the open wheelers, mostly F1. But already looking forward to the next league in GSC 2013. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    Well report the guys by making a vid please,
    This way it will be stopped, if they have done wrong,
    which bit don't you understand
    i don't want to see the post race finger pointing !!!!
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