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VRC USB pistol-grip controller

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SteelRain, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Hey All,
    I know wheel and pedal are the required setup for sim racing, but I am looking for a handheld controller. I am in Afghanistan and want to keep up with my sim racing obsession and found this while searching:
    I contacted the company and they said it will work in PC racing games and acts as a 2 axis joystick. I was wondering if anyone has used this controller before. Thanks for any input.
  2. Interesting controller. Looks almost identical to the transmitter used for radio controlled race cars. I have used that type of transmitter for racing with the real RC cars and I can tell you that it is very workable as long as you have the settings correct and the spring in the throttle centers correctly. If that controller works just like the transmitter I am talking about you should be able to keep up with your buds like you were sitting at a wheel once you get used to it.
  3. have you not considered a Xbox 360 wireless pad and PC adaptor? i recon you could get both for half the price of that and have more buttons.
  4. @Jim - It is made for a virtual RC racing game and designed to replicate an actual RC controller. I have used a similar handheld controller for my PC back in early 2000 and one for my PS2 in 2002, but they don't make them anymore.

    @ Nigel - It would be used mostly for the Race 07 series and don't really need the extra buttons. I have used the XBOX pad playing FORZA 3 but I am unable to get the precision turning inputs that are available from a wheel input.
  5. If you have used them before then you are aware I am sure of the potential for blisters on the top of your throttle finger :) Best idea if you are doing any long races is put a bandage on the finger as a cushion, or wear a glove hehe.
  6. Oh yeah!! Thanks for the reminder LOL!
  8. Has anyone ever used this controller before?