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Apparel Vodafone Rising sun helmet 1.0


  1. Thimoty Decrans submitted a new resource:

    Vodafone Rising sun helmet (version 1.0) - rshelmet

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  2. excellent!
  3. Excellent Job As Always..... Thanks Thimoty for this nice job.. THumbs Up For You :thumbsup:
  4. Hello Thimoty and excusme if this isn't the correct place... Can I ask you if you can create for me an helmet like this for ToroRosso? Because In My Career I Drive For It... Thanks in advance for all
  5. Good helmet indeed, thanks. ;) And wish you good luck with the people here, who doesnt like the rising sun ( just remember ML's probs...)
  6. Awesome,thank you.
  7. Incredible! would you like to design an custom helmet for me? I can send you the details I have posted in the Modding request thread.
  8. yo mate are u not making any new helmets?
    we miss you! lol;)
  9. Many Asians very very hate this flag...Many Asians think..."this flag is similar Nazi flag"
    That century...Japanese was killed many people. at China,Korea and many contries too.
    I want you know this truth :)
    and I can't say English well.:(
    Thank you very much!;)
  10. The difference is - the Japanese navy still uses the rising sun flag, while the swastikas (or those similarly looking symbols) were removed even from the German version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (they're sensitive about it like that).
    Still, many times I've seen people using Nazi Germany flags as army badges in Dawn of War games and I wasn't particularly offended.
  11. Nice helmet! :thumbsup:

    PS: Just remember everyone, people like Thimothy here do these helmets with nothing but good intentions at heart and don't mean to offend anyone; this conversation has gotten out of hand once before, we don't want it to happen again. ;)
  12. What??I hate this flag.....I'm Korean!
    Many Korean killed by Japanese...
    Please remember the truth!!!
    but....your helmets are very awesome!;)