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WIP Virtual Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nokanmov, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Savo Stage Team Finland
    savo.stage.team.finland @ gmail.com

    Virtual Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 projects is taking release in this year. Maybe during Rally Finland Weekend ;)
    Let us see, what will happend ;D Here is some first look videos and pictures:








    Painaa (part of Leustu)

  2. I don't even know what to say... This is just simply amazing!
  3. Brilliant. I commend you for your dedication. I do have a request though, can I use the road texture files in Ouninpohja?
  4. Yes, you can request. After stages release and it is soon ;)
  5. There is some real onboards, from our new stages ;)

    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF 1985 SS2 Humalamäki 3,03 km: Stage road July 2011:

    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF Shakedown 2010 Rannankylä 4,46 km: Stage road July 2011:

    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF 2004 SS Mökkiperä 13,96 km: Stage road July 2011:

    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF 2009 SS23 Ruuhimäki 6,50 km: Stage road July 2011:

    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF 1985 SS21 Pöykky 3,77 km: Stage road July 2011:

    Painaa Stage between 03:12 - 11:04. Few 100 meters missing from video.
    Finland Onboards VW1.9TD: NORF SS Leustu 21,35 km: Stage road July 2011:
  6. Laajavuori: looking from this video, the stage seems to me a lot more narrow with more elevation and crest on some places. This for sure is most likely an accentuated effect from the cockpit view, but anyway, it is noticeable. I just wanted to point that out. Simple curiosity, can you tell me exactly what is the method used for recreating those stages? Thanks :)

  7. Yeah, I have to agree with that. The more I've been watching the videos of the Finnish stages you've been building, the more it seems that the roads might be a bit too wide and some corners don't seem quite as tight as they are in real life. And I'd say I know what I'm talking about as I've been on those stages, most recently in Laajavuori on Saturday and I've even driven the Mökkiperä stage by myself (not with a rally car though) For example that hairpin right, hairpin left in Laajavuori seems a lot narrower and tighter in real stage than in RBR stage.

    I hate to be complaining about this as mostly your stages are just superb job, but I can't help noticing the difference.