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Video Setup = Better Lap Times

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by wadi9, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. hi i've got some question
    after setting everything to the lowest possible level in graphic setup - res. to 800x600, no shadows etc. my lap times are more than 1 sek. better in tt and also multiplayer mode (normally play in 1650x1050 with multiAA and all the rest set to high ) but the game looks awful

    could anyone check it on other than my pc - set lowest resolution and everything to low than ride some laps.

    PS. the problem is that a friend of mine who is very fast - first 10 in rank says that his pc is so poor that he get 25 fps but thanks to that his laptimes are so good.
  2. FPS bug like in 2013 ^^
  3. but, as i remember fps bug was caused by top end hardware - cpu and graphic card
    playing 1650x1050 i have 115 fps - not bad, but i have to check how many fps in 800x600.
  4. Lowering graphics setting would have the opposite affect to what your friend is getting. If you have say 60fps on ultra settings, lowering them will increase the fps, not lower it. To get to near what your friend is getting, 25 fps, you should increase the settings, and turn up anti aliasing and everything to try and get your PC to work hard. This would lower the fps, but if you have a high end PC even turning absolutely everything to max wont get it to 25 fps.

    The reason your lap times are increased is by turning all your setting lower, you get more fps, which means smoother game play, which will allow you to find you braking and turn in points much better, therefore increasing lap time