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Video Settings for Smooth Gameplay

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Michael Hornbuckle, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Can you guys please share video settings that make rf2 look good and run smooth?

    I have a 2500k @ 4.3 Ghz with 8Gig of ram and two 6950 video cards crossfired running to one monitor. I see videos of rf2 that look really good and smooth but everything I have tried so far is very choppy with extremely low framerate unless I turn basically everything off. (which makes the game look far worse than rf1)
  2. I'm surprised Michael. Your pc should handle rF2 well in my opinion.

    I have similar specs to you, except 16G ram (which should not make a difference) and ATI 7970 and run everything to the MAX.

    I average 80 FPS, most times much more, but certain tracks at some point with many cars it might go down to 40.

    I'll post my settings after work, hopefully we'll figure out your issue.

  3. Thank you for the quick reply...I really want to like this sim as the driving feels pretty good and real road could be a game changer...I just get confused and frustrated when messing with AA in game or in CCC and such.....look forward to your settings....cheers!
  4. Yeah, it's really a shame really as I love it's FFB and physics and I'm really enjoying it. I mean, graphics are not really the best around, but nice enough :)

    There are also some HD profiles for some tracks which make a difference. The time of day in the game makes a difference too.

    Anyway, I'll take images of very single setting (even of ATI) and will post them here. In the mean time, I think you should ask if someone with your same setup gets the same issue on the ISI forum. But 6950 crossedfired...I assume they are fast enough, but not sure tbo.

    PS: This guys seems to be doing well and has your same card...

  5. Have you tested running the same settings with a single GPU?
    I suggest you try this, and if there is little to no difference in performance, it would indicate the bottle neck is elsewhere.

    Also something to consider, the i5 2500k is great for console ported games, but rF2 is a proper bespoke PC game which supports and has been optimised for multi-threading (since build 85 i think), it makes sense that your CPU will struggle compared a similar rig running an i7 2600k or later.

    Even my aging i7 930, 6gb triple chan and 2x4870 in crossfire knocks out over 60fps on a busy track.
  6. Here are my settings mate and some ingame screen shots. AI were 10. If I increase more AI, then FPS will go to to 40/50 on the grid, but will go up to 70 or more when spread out.

    rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-35-03-14.jpg rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-34-59-12.jpg CCC1.JPG CCC2.JPG
    rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-57-06-55.jpg rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-57-02-31.jpg rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-56-06-72.jpg rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-55-53-84.jpg rFactor2 2013-02-19 17-55-00-97.jpg
  7. BTW..the i5 2500k is overclockable! I hope you overclocked yours as I did for mine.
  8. I personally still run the i7 930, but I have built a number of i5 2500k rigs, yes it's very overclockable, but my tests indicated a sweet spot oc for the intended primary functions which I do not overclock beyond because its pointless stress and additional power consumption for nothing.
    I weigh up the additional performance vs heat and stability and set it accordingly.
    IIRC, a rig I built for someone who was wanting primarily Codemaster F1 and Battlefield series the 4.3 overclock was just a total waste of time as it maxed out at around 3.8.
    This also gives you some oc headroom when the next game comes along which does benefit from the extra .5 or whatever.
  9. Thanks for helping....I'm getting about 25 frames and the game stutters like crazy...don't know what the problem is but I'll just wait until the game is finished.....

    ps..I'm overclocked to 4.3 Battlefield 3 runs smooth as butter on ultra settings....same with skyrim....oh well
  10. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I only have an Alienware x51 with i3 CPU, nvidia GT545 1Gbddr5 and 4gb ram and I'm getting 50-60 fps with everything turned up. Granted my screen res is only 1378x768 (something like that) but its certainly more than playable.
  11. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    hi micheal i had same problem as you and set sync to video , and all was good
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  12. Have you tried disabling crossfire and running a single card to see what the impact is with the same game settings?

    As mentioned above by Noel, have you tried v-sync (locks FPS to the frequency of the monitor (usually 60FPS) - i know it sounds a crazy but sometimes you can get stuttering and low rates if your rig is throwing out too many FPS.