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Vettel & Webber Feud Could End In Tragedy

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Xosé Estrada, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

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  2. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    You spelled feud wrong, BTW.

    I agree. Disobedience will cause rift. I hope Vettel learns his lesson.
  3. Thing is, now they will both be pushing while ignoring orders too. It could end up with someone getting seriously injured or worse...

    Hopefully the team will calm it down - they reportedly have. But Webber just will not trust Vettel again.

    Re typo - ty I didn't even notice when I did this at 3 am *Doh*
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Vettel learned his lesson, he's 3x Wold Champion. I realy hope he's doing it again next race, other wise I can stop watching after the pitstops.
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  5. I don't actually think this will cause injury, safety measures that are in place now will prevent that. The only problem I could possibly see occurring is a repeat of Turkey '10. I think Webber has been quite coy about this and people seem to forget he defied team orders at Silverstone a few years ago but the only difference is that Vettel held his position.
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    F1 is so boring with all the pussy rules and tyres, ppl are discussing for weeks and infact nothing happened.
    I miss Schumacher.
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  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Despite the fact that I disagree with Vettel's behaviour, I do not see a remarkably higher risk with the two Red Bull drivers racing each other than with any other drivers.
  8. Villeneuve is taking this completely out of context (as usual). Nowadays, there are no more qualifying tyres that last only one lap (his father crashed on the inlap), turbo engines that produce more power than the car can handle (especially in qualifying spec) and the cars are generally much, much safer.
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  9. Pretty sure he´s not alluding to the fact that one of them will die if it continues.
    His last two sentences summed it up pretty good,

  10. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant

    Agree Markus. Don't let this thing go bigger then it already is. Just wait and see when the emotions are cooled of a bit. Both Webber and Vettel are professionals en lets hope they behave that way.
  11. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Find the words where Villeneuve is saying that it will end up with death or injury.

    It's pretty well known that Pironi and Gilles never talked to eachother again. And that is not good for a team.
  12. The race in which Villeneuve died was right the one after Pironi "betrayed" him. I don't think that those two weeks in between can really be considered to be the "problem" he's speaking about.
  13. you know I just re-watched the interview of sky crew with Horner and Marko right after the podium.

    Horner obviously was trying to avoid the subject by commenting "team this team that" and when asked about what Mark meant about "he (vettel) will always be protected" and he replied "I don't know what he meant by that"

    that to me is the biggest lie ever, and even a biggest revelation of Vettel Racing Team, I mean RedBull Racing, what also kills me is Helmuts reply saying that "it was just too late to call once he got past mark" and he changes the subject by saying "Mercedes have a clear 1 and 2 driver" and then "we let our drivers race"..

    hmmm trying to change the blame to saying RB is a free to race team. I lolled someone pop his second give him a working second eye so he can stop blindingly defend his grand son.

    Neither Helmut, or Horner, or anyone had a clear answer, and this "behind close doors apology and talks" Is a bunch of bull:poop:. Ferrari came out loud and clear and took all heat when this happened in 2010, but it was halfway through the season with a down performing Felipe.

    and to top it all, not only Vettel shows the kind of team RB is, but also the type of people they have as managing it and owning it, the owner itself which I could give three rats about his name, goes and "text message" Mark about the incident? are you serious? do Austrians have like no class? that is weaker than your gf texting you after she literally cheated on you. Yeah, is that bad, no backbone from the top to the bottom, not even for a simple talk, and then people wonder why the world hates RB, they just lowered themselves a lot more they could probably smell hell from where they are at.

    RB will never be the same, and it will take some time for it to heal and not be remembered.
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    Diego,I think I told you last year that smoking crack is bad for your health and it messes with your brain..so throw that crack pipe in the gutter and go draw a f1 painting instead..
  14. Well Webber is in Australia at the moment isn't he? And I guess Dietrich Mateschitz is on the other side of the world, so a text message is fine if you ask me. What else can he do? Send him a love letter or a box of chocolates? :)

    Plus Dietrich Mateschitz and Mark Webber have a great relationship. He's probably the only reason why Webber is still there at Red Bull, as DM gives out the contracts doesnt he? I bet Horner, Newey and Vettel want Webber to go away and not disrupt their team like he has done for the last 3 years or so.
  15. come on, if the guy has time for a quick visit in freezing cold Barcelona testing to show up for 5 minutes, he doesn't have time to have a personal visit to a guy who also helped RB win the WCs?

  16. and you are who?
    shut up kid.

    think you haven't watched post race.

    oh wait who am I asking, a Vettel fan.
  17. Mateschitz is probably Mark's strongest supporter in the team. From what I read he is no Vettel fanboy and much more of a "true sportsman".
    At least I have seen nothing that would suggest otherwise.
  18. Interesting... People saying Webber will not help Vettel when he needs it. Since the race finished, I have not been able to think of one instance where Webber has assisted Vettel in a race - so what has changed from before?
  19. Let him past at Brazil last season. Thats all I can think of. Usually Webber isn't in a position to be able to help Vettel.